The Surface Duo Gets a Great Typing Update

Writing on Microsoft’s two-screen wonder has never been easier.

The Surface Duo didn’t have an incredible beginning, however that doesn’t mean Microsoft is forsaking their pet undertaking. The organization has recently delivered an update for Swiftkey, which exploits the Surface Duo’s extraordinary two-screen framework.

What the Swiftkey Update Did for the Surface Duo

The update was quietly turned out to Swiftkey on the Surface Duo however was found by fahdriyami on Reddit. At the point when placed in Thumb Mode, Swiftkey will show the console across the two screens on the Surface Duo. This permits you to type on the gadget while holding it like a book.

This is a decent news24nation from Microsoft, as it shows that they haven’t surrendered the Surface Duo presently. All things considered, many beginning negative audits reprimanded the bugginess of the product instead of equipment constraints.

By pushing these updates that fix issues and improve usefulness, Microsoft could bring the Surface Duo back out from its initial grave.

Carrying New Life Into the Surface Duo

The Surface Duo didn’t host the best inviting get-together, yet Microsoft is as yet resolved to make it work. Who knows what else Microsoft has in store to make the Surface Duo an engaging buy?

Saying this doesn’t imply that the Surface Duo is the main item in the running for Microsoft.

Picture Credit: Jack Skeens/