Acer Nitro 5 AN515-51 Review

Acer Nitro 5 AN515- 51 itemized survey

Acer’s been doing great of late with a large number of gaming workstations being delivered under its a wide range of sub-brands. We’ve seen the scandalous Acer Predator 21 X at Computex and that PC is a one of kind machine that is just coordinated by the ASUS GX800 as far as sheer pointless excess. For gaming, Acer has the superior arrangement which falls under the Predator brand and afterward there are the more standard gaming workstations which go under the Aspire V/VX and Nitro brands. The Acer Nitro 5 gaming PC which we’re seeing today is one such gadget which while being standard likewise gives you a lot of equipment to game with. This is authenticated by the NVIDIA GTX 1050 alongside an Intel Core i7 7700HQ CPU that power this fairly smooth looking device. 

We’re happy to see more brands hop onto the gaming fleeting trend in India, particularly through gaming workstations which have had only a couple players up until now. Late 2016 and early 2017 has been truly useful for the PC business as far as mechanical increases and the Acer Nitro V utilizes two of these developments – Intel Kaby Lake 7700HQ CPU and the NVIDIA GTX 1050. Presently, as we’ve referenced prior, there are numerous brands selling gaming workstations in India, so we currently have see who offers the correct parity of gaming execution and reasonableness without compromising.

Acer Nitro V AN515- 51 Specifications

The Acer Nitro V AN515- 51 (NH.Q2RSI.002) positions itself as more reasonable contrasted with the contending brands. How about we investigate that by looking at the details of the audit unit that we’ve gotten. The specific arrangement can be seen selling on Flipkart for Rs.89,990.

 <p style="text-align: center">Acer Nitro V AN515- 51 Specifications 


 <p>7700HQ 2.8 GHz</p> 



<p>RAM FSB</p> 

<p>2400 MHz</p> 

<p>RAM Capacity</p> 

<p>16 GB</p> 

<p>Screen Size</p> 


<p>Screen Size</p> 



<p>1050 4 GB</p> 


<p>Kingston SSDNow 128GB</p> 


<p>WD Blue 1 TB 5400 RPM</p> 


<p>Realtek RTL8168E</p> 


<p>Qualcomm Atheros QCNFA344A</p> 


<p>Realtek (4x 2W + 1x 3W Speakers)</p> 


<p>3090mAh 46 Whr @17.2v</p> 

<p>AC Adapter</p> 

<p>135 W</p> 


<p>2.7 Kg</p> 

These make for a genuinely decent list of capabilities for the given evaluating as the majority of the opposition appears to charge some extra, we have to examine the Acer Nitro V AN515- 51 to study its manufacture quality and to check whether the marked down valuing has prompted any corners cut.

Case Build

We should begin with the base get together of the Acer Nitro V AN515- 51. We see that Acer has given arrangement for two incubates, the one on the correct opens up to the RAM DIMMs and the one of the left is for the hard drive. This specific unit additionally accompanies a M.2 SSD from Kingston and that is difficult to reach through both of these trapdoors. So on the off chance that you needed more SSD stockpiling limit, to state, move a portion of your more games with huge levels, at that point moving up to a higher limit SSD will expect you to void the guarantee and open the whole base board.

There’s no deficiency of admission vents on the base as should be obvious in the picture beneath and the fumes is towards the back. In either case, this is a superior way to deal with a portion of different setups that we’ve seen wherein the fumes streams out by means of the sides and smacks you on your hands. Towards the lower end of the picture you can see two arrangements of vents for the speakers, so we’re either taking a gander at 2 or 4 speakers altogether, we’ll see the real design in some time. What’s more, finally, the elastic feet are very enormous to give sufficient measure of hold and appear to be stuck really well to the base.

Whenever we’ve opened the frame, things get a ton more clear. We should start with a diagram. They Acer Nitro V AN515- 51 utilizes a brought together cooler comprising of two heatpipes to channel heat away from the GPU and the CPU. It’s not ideal as we lean toward singular cooling for the two parts to forestall one warming the other superfluously. In any case, we can perceive any reason why Acer has gone for the bound together denews24nation attributable to the lower value point.

The mainboard doesn’t occupy a lot of room and the situating of the CPU and GPU towards the top for example away from your hands is ideal to have a lower contact temperature. The lower left corner is involved by the HDD which has been taken out in this picture. We feel that the entrance bring forth for the RAM might have been extended to oblige the SSD also since they’re so near one another.

Towards the top left, we see the daughterboard for the USB and sound I/O. Since we’re working off battery power, having the sound news24national links close to the force input appears to be fine. In any case, they might have been directed better for this situation.

We see a genuinely straightforward VRM hardware on the PC. With a large portion of the hard work taken consideration off by the voltage connector and the absence of OC capacity, a 3+1 stage VRM (OnSemi NCP81205) as we see here is adequate. There’s an ENE KB9022Q D for the SIO which is by all accounts an overhaul over the KB9012Q that has been truly basic hitherto. Directly adjacent to it is the HM175 PCH which has all the earmarks of being exposed with such a security. While there is no requirement for security as long as the PC undercarriage stays shut, gaming PCs appeal to the aficionado swarm who’re bound to perform manual redesigns. Considering this, a basic shield over the PCH would have been ideal.

Proceeding onward to the fumes vents for the heatsink, we discover a genuinely basic high-thickness balance structure. The two fan framework will surely help with quicker warmth scattering.

The pivot seems, by all accounts, to be uncompromising with three screws to make sure about it on either end. The webcam I/O and show FRC links are directed through either pivot with the FRC being moved up to give strength. Straightforwardly kept FRC frequently will in general crease and tear over long stretches of use and moving it up and putting it inside a sheath will absolutely help. We saw close to no wobbling of the showcase board when opened up, so that represents the nature of the pivot. We can’t state what will occur over the long haul however this is one of the better ones we’ve seen.

The speakers then again, do disillusion a little as far as sound quality. What we enjoyed was the down terminating arrangement is better for keeping up a discernible yield when utilized on hard surfaces however