Saloni Daini

 We all recall Saloni Daini as the charming young lady who played Gangubai on the satire show Comedy Circus, yet the slight comedienne is full grown, and is unrecognizable post her sensational change given her 22 kg weight reduction. In an ongoing meeting, the 19- year-old shared how she was fat disgraced and savaged for her weight, which prodded her to get fit during the Covid lockdown. In a meeting with ETimes TV's Telly Blazer, Saloni Daini opened up about her affection for her character Gangubai, what makes her certain, fat disgracing and how she went from 80kgs to 58kgs during the lockdown. She said in the meeting, “Gangubai is my favourite character. I even have a tattoo of ‘Gangubai’ inked on my hand. When I am playing Gangubai, I am the most confident person – I can speak anything and I can do anything I want. I can do anything on stage. But when I am Saloni, I am very calm and ‘shant’. Gangubai is the one that gives me confidence. So when people call me ‘Gangubai’, I love it. That’s my favourite character. I would love being called ‘Gangubai’ even in future. Having said that, I would love to work as Saloni.”</p> <p>Talking about her weight reduction, Saloni stated, “This is the first time I am sharing my weight-loss story. When lockdown had started, I would eat so much ghar pe. Mom would cook momos, butter chicken, cakes and things like that. One day I was sitting in front of my laptop, watching shows. And suddenly, the screen locked and saw my face on the laptop. And I look very chubby. I was 80kgs or something at that time. So I was like this is the point when I have to lose weight for myself. I just wanted to lose weight to be fit and healthy. I followed a diet and worked out every day. Now I am 58. Lockdown has made me lose weight. I would like to thank lockdown because I couldn’t go out and eat junk food.”</p> <p>She shared how individuals would offer mean remarks about her weight, saying, “I would get comments like ‘Bhains lag rahi hai’, ‘Kitni moti hai’, ‘Kitna khayegi, ekdin foot jayegi’ and things like that. But mujhe bahut maza aate hai yeh sab padh ke (I enjoy reading all of this). I read them with my friends and keep laughing. People who write such comments, they are afraid enough to not show their faces but they can write such things for so many people.”</p> <p>But the youthful TV star shared that she proceeds onward rapidly, “Sometimes I do feel low, but I move on quickly. I work towards better things in life and not think about such people. Now I have lost 22kgs, during the lockdown,” she closed. 

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