We Tested 5 Wildly Popular Garlic Tools — And the Winner Wasn’t What We Expected

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With regards to preparing garlic, there are the individuals who do the crush and-cleave (me) and the individuals who accept the cloves ought to be deliberately stripped and decisively minced (my significant other). And afterward there are likewise the individuals who would even prefer not to contact the cloves since garlic is clingy and makes your fingers smell like supper (my young people). For them, the garlic press is a boon.

I thoroughly get it. At the point when you can fold a garlic clove into an apparatus and press the hacked substance directly into your sauté dish, it seems like you just shaved hours off your planning time (particularly in case you’re an exact mincer type). Yet, not all garlic presses are actually that powerful at mincing garlic. Furthermore, some make cleanup such a problem you’ll wish you had settled on a classic blade.

I as of late put five of the most-well known, most noteworthy appraised garlic apparatuses to the test, in endeavors to locate the absolute best one. The outcomes astounded even me, a prepared kitchen device analyzer!

How I Tested the Garlic Presses

I’m not afraid to concede I cook with garlic each and every day. Thus, throughout a little while, I truly put these apparatuses through some serious hardship. I’d utilize one to cook with for a few days straight, writing down notes on the trouble spots, and afterward change to another brand. I immediately discovered my top choices to work with.

At the point when I was finished difficult them all, I arranged them for some one next to the other correlations. I dismantled four heads of garlic, isolated the cloves into bunches as per size, and tried each press with similar size cloves, taking notes on how well they took care of monster ones to itty bitty ones, how well the garlic pushed out of the openings, and what amount got abandoned. I additionally squeezed unpeeled cloves, to perceive how well the devices dealt with the papery skins. At that point I planned myself washing every one, to perceive how long it required to get them clean.

The ratings: Usually, when Kitchn does such stories, we grade on a size of one to five, with five being the outright best. Usually, the most noticeably awful alternative gets a 1 and the best one gets a 5. While I had some unmistakable top picks, nothing merited a 1. Or then again even a 2. So you’ll see a few parts here. How about we investigate.

This garlic press gets focuses for having a convenient little scrubber implicit, so you can scratch the squashed garlic off the essence of the instrument without getting another apparatus messy. I truly preferred this reward highlight and it worked extraordinary. It required some push to crush the garlic, yet the yield was more liberal than a portion of different apparatuses I attempted, chiefly in light of the fact that the pusher is made of pins that truly crunch the garlic through the openings. Notwithstanding, those pins were a gift and a revile. Above all else, they didn’t work extraordinary with unpeeled cloves. (In those tests, the garlic turned out in to a greater extent a succulent purée.) But the most noticeably awful part is that the pins make cleanup too grave. This press lost a great deal of focuses because of that by itself. A wipe simply gets destroyed and, despite the fact that the press is dishwasher-safe, it actually needs a scour brush and cautious cleaning so as to tell the truth. Trust me.

Aces: Handy scrubber apparatus worked in. Built with pins rather than stubs to truly push the garlic through the openings for a liberal yield.

Cons: Pin development makes cleanup truly hard, even with a scour brush to get in the middle of them.

OXO Good Grips Garlic Press

I will in general like OXO apparatuses, and this is presumably one of the most widely recognized garlic presses out there, so I was shocked by the amount I didn’t adore utilizing it. The handles are large and agreeable. The development is strong. Be that as it may, the yield isn’t extraordinary. It simply didn’t work admirably crushing the garlic out, and was especially awful at pressing little cloves and unpeeled cloves. It resembles there’s barely a sufficient hole between the presser and the screen to shield it from being genuinely compelling. The little red spikes should help get out the openings in the screen for “self-cleaning,” however they’re not long enough to really take care of the work, which implies you actually need to get in there with your fingers or a wipe.

Aces: Large, agreeable handles.

Cons: Not as powerful at pushing the garlic through the openings, which brings about decreased yield. Plastic cleaning spikes don’t generally work.

Substantial however harder to close than the following most ideal alternative (see beneath), this press made a strong showing. Its yield was nicely amazing, and it likewise has a screen that flips out for simple cleaning. In any case, the screen has sides, so you’ve truly had the opportunity to ensure you get all the little cleft. The press’ Amazon page is likely somewhat exuberant: It indicates to be anything but difficult to crush (not generally), ready to oblige unpeeled cloves (sure yet so can most others), and can mince an entire head of garlic right away (just in case you’re including minutes like a flash).

Geniuses: Heavy-obligation development. Screen flips out for simpler cleaning. Reasonable yield.

Cons: Takes more solidarity to close. Some garlic gets deserted in stringy pieces. Comes up short on any extra highlights like an inherent scrubber.

Apparatus: Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press

In the event that you need a straight-up, exemplary, old-school garlic press, this is the one. It’s hard core and all around built. The denews24nation is fairly smooth. What’s more, the best part is that it’s truly powerful at pulverizing garlic easily. While a portion of the presses took a considerable amount of solidarity, this one is denews24nationed in such a way so that it’s excessively simple. Indeed, even unpeeled cloves weren’t that difficult to press. Cleanup is pretty simple, as well: The screen with the openings flips out and can be cleaned viably.

Experts: It’s durable and alluring, and pulverizes cloves absent a lot of exertion. The metal screen flips out to make cleanup simple.

Cons: Like most garlic squeezes, you’ll need to scratch the squashed garlic off the substance of the device with a blade, your fingers, or the side of a dish. Some garlic gets deserted the screen as stringy shreds. Likewise, this is, by a wide margin, the most costly garlic push on this rundown. It’s not modest, but rather in any event you realize you’re getting a quality press that will last.

Device: Chef’n Garlic Zoom

I really jeered when I previously observed this senseless looking plastic sphere. It seemed like such a trick. It has little metal turning sharp edges inside like a smaller than normal food chopper, and when you rub the sphere to and fro on the cutting board, the edges inside hack the garlic. At that point you open the thing up and tap the garlic out. I felt somewhat vindicated for my doubt when I took a stab at utilizing it unexpectedly with only one clove of garlic. The outcome was a mixed bag of sporadic pieces in an assortment of sizes — not ideal. When cooking, the minuscule pieces could singe before the greater pieces got delicate. However, at that point I saw it said to utilize it with up to three cloves, so I attempted that. Lo and view, it cleaved them impeccably. It’s sort of like how food processors and blenders don’t function incredible when they’re under-filled, on the grounds that the substance don’t equally connect with the cutting edges. Same guideline here. Turns out, this is an extraordinary instrument for the individuals who ordinarily slash more than each clove in turn.

Geniuses: The garlic really gets hacked, not crushed, which implies you get ordinary pieces that will cook equally and not sear. Besides, in light of the fact that the garlic isn’t squeezed (something that crushes a greater amount of the cell dividers) it won’t taste as hot and solid (the more modest the garlic pieces, the more exceptional the flavor). On the off chance that you will in general cook with more than each clove in turn, you can get everything hacked simultaneously. The apparatus is likewise an extraordinary option for the individuals who don’t have the hand-solidarity to crush a garlic press. The entirety of the garlic gets hacked and none gets abandoned and goes to squander. Also, on the grounds that there aren’t any minuscule metal openings, cleanup is overly simple — simply dunk in hot, sudsy water.

Cons: If you would simply like to hack one clove of garlic, this device won’t do it equitably. It doesn’t work incredible with minuscule cloves either, except if you have a ton of them. It won’t work with unpeeled cloves. It’s somewhat cumbersome fit as a fiddle and the plastic lodging probably won’t stand the trial of time.

Danielle Centoni


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