Singer Kumar Sanu says nepotism can give on easy entry rest depends on one’s talent and audience support.

 Nepotism banter in Bollywood is a long way from getting over. With numerous entertainers, chiefs and performers talking for or against the thought, artist Kumar Sanu accepts that in the field of workmanship, nepotism doesn't profit anybody much and disappointment of numerous entertainers, artists and chiefs who have celebrated guardians is a proof. 

“I think nepotism and art are a mismatch story. Art is all about talent. You have to have it in you and then comes your hard work and luck. If you aren’t a good artiste, even opportunities and backing would fail to help you survive in the long run. The industry insiders who’re successful are because they’re talented and could form a connect with the audience,” he says.

Sanu doesn’t reject that pariahs do confront issues when they at first come into another industry — he, as well, confronted a lot of issues during his underlying years, so he knows where these complaints are coming from. In any case, he feels that there are numerous individuals who are exploiting this discussion to simply pick up fame.

“Not everyone’s journey is similar, some face more obstacles while for some it’s a somewhat smooth ride. So, I understand. And yes, knowing someone helps, but that’s just in the beginning, baki aapki lagan aur mehnat hai,” he says, adding, “But there are many who enjoys shouting nepotism to hide their shortcomings. And these people end up misguiding others. I can introduce my daughter to some people, but I can’t ask the audience to love her songs because she is my daughter. Yahan audience sab decide karta hai.”

Sanu’s little girl Shannon K is a performer and his child Jaan (from his previous marriage), are likewise artists. Solicit what kind from help he has given them and he says, “Both Shannon and Jaan sing well. They’re working hard and the guidance I can provide is with sur and understanding of the art. Shannon is happy working in Los Angeles (USA). Though she has done a very few work here but she has no plans of coming to India. Jaan is also trying to create his own space. If they falter I’m there, but I can’t make them popular. They’ll have to win that love and support from the audience themselves,” he shares.

Then, at the work front, Sanu has a couple of film tunes coming up and he additionally plans to deliver a few singles on the web. Discussing that, there have been conversations around artists purchasing counterfeit perspectives, likes, and remarks to pick up perceivability.

Responding to this, Sanu says, “This faking business is rampant. Earlier I would think how did some of these singers get millions of likes and views in just a few days? And why just them. Many music labels too do that to promote themselves, their artistes and tracks. I feel many of these not-do-good songs that are being promoted by following this practise are spoiling the taste of music lovers. Their manipulation business affects many.”

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