Biden presidency offers reset for US-Africa business ties - Africa Feeds

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The appointment of another US president allows nations in Africa to press the reset button on monetary binds with the United States, as indicated by Stephen Hayes, a previous leader of the Corporate Council on Africa, a body in Washington DC that urges American organizations to put resources into the landmass.

He imagines that Joe Biden will receive another approach and inhale new life into US-Africa relations.

“I think there’ll be an upgrading and far more activity towards Africa, because people who come in are far more highly attuned to Africa than anyone was in the Trump administration,” he let me know.

Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about countering China’s monetary impact in Africa?

“I don’t foresee Biden making it China versus US, however making it a more grounded connection between the US and Africa on business and legislative issues.

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“I think the opportunities are going to be strong in health, certainly agriculture, those are areas where we can play a role and information technology also.”

Spectators of worldwide exchange will realize that numerous nations in Africa have delighted in the advantages of the Agoa bargain, which gives their fares special admittance to the US market.

The economic alliance is expected to terminate in 2025 and Mr Hayes concurs with my view that Washington has been permitting the understanding to die from neglect, featured by President Trump’s arrangement of looking for singular economic alliance with specific nations, similar to Kenya.

“If Africa is moving towards a continental free-trade agreement,” says Mr Hayes, “at that point we’ll presumably move to multi-horizontal arrangements also.

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“A clean slate is needed and that will be welcomed by most African countries.”

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Source: BBC