Amaal Mallik’s latest single Tu Mera Nahi has crossed 10 million views on YouTube.

 Amaal Mallik has been enchanting music sweethearts with his music since he made his introduction as an author in 2014. Also, he has an enormous fan following, as well, in the nation just as abroad. In any case, that has never prevented him from expressing his genuine thoughts about issues that he wants to go to bat for. His tweets have numerous multiple times drummed up some excitement previously however the arranger says that it doesn't trouble him. 

“I actually don’t feel fear; I feel ab daal diya toh daal diya ab delete toh nahin karunga. But due to this behaviour of mine, my brother (singer Armaan Malik), my mother (Jyothi Malik), my father (composer Daboo Malik) get a billion calls saying ki dekho aapke bête ne kya daal diya, so thoda sa unke liye I have reduced these things a little, but I keep voicing my opinion in different ways,” says Malik, adding that he has a solid fan base that consistently underpins him.

“I have a million strong following now almost and out of the million, at least 700 thousand of them are true listeners and musicians. I take feedback very seriously and their criticism in the right way. And I think my fan base is very loyal, but also very sensitive to music. If I make anything that is not up to the mark, they do point it out, and I take their feedback and improve that in my next song. I like the fact that my honesty has rubbed on to my listeners and in turn, they have helped me create better lasting and better sound music,” says Malik, who has recently made his pop presentation with another track named Tu Mera Nahi.

“This track is the first step for me to doing something that involves my face. I have always made music behind the scenes for movies and even non-film singles. I have always been the heart and soul of my music while the others involved have been in the forefront but since three years, a lot of my young fans have been forcing me, and maybe also threatening me to do a video. They said ‘if you don’t do a video, we will stop listening to your music’, so this is a complete bully episode that happened (laughs) but it has helped me break a lot of shackles and helped me realise who I am. I wasn’t sure if I could make something that I was proud of by coming in front of the camera, but I think the final result of this single is going to hit right where it hurts. It is going to stay in people’s hearts,” he says.

The Subah (Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety; 2018) author, has likewise recently wrapped up making the soundtrack out of his impending film, Saina, featuring Parineeti Chopra. What’s more, he says that this is “his purest work till date”. “I have recorded and entire Macedonian orchestra recorded for Saina. That happened on a video call and it was so surreal – 40 people in masks (obviously they had to remove their masks while playing) playing the instruments – it was crazy and beautiful,” says Mallik.

He adds that he adores making unrecorded music despite the fact that the pattern currently is to make music which is substantial on innovation. “I think every musician loves to make live music but due to the advancement of technology, we can play a violin through a keyboard today, and because of so many good softwares, we can almost emulate a live instrument now but the feeling of an orchestra will never come entirely because that human element is what makes music. These machines are also made by us humans only so the guys who made these machines are better,” clarifies Mallik.

The Ye Aaina (Kabir Singh; 2019) likewise recognizes the way that relatively few performers will in general lean towards unrecorded music these days because of the absence of interest, yet he keeps up that he will consistently keep on making unrecorded music. “Sadly, not many people go towards doing live music because the demand for youngsters nowadays is to make music like Travis Scott and Kanye West and due respect to that because you have to keep up with what the 18 and 16-year-olds are listening to. But Saina is an extremely emotional and powerful score so it needed an orchestra. And I was very proud that I can at least work with musicians because I know how to read and write my music so it was fun to work with people from the other side of this world who heard the melodies and they really liked it. And they have played beyond my expectations. So I will continue doing live music, I like to do both analogue and digital,” news24nations off Mallik.