How to Watch ‘Eater’s Guide to the World,’ Now Streaming on Hulu

Eater’s Guide to the World goes on watchers on a wild outing through a portion of the planet’s most sensational food scenes, from Tijuana to the Pacific Northwest to Casablanca, and past. The debut season’s seven scenes exhibit a totally different, flavorful side of the culinary objections you think you know — and a couple of the ones you don’t. (Who realized you could eat this well at the airport?)

Here’s the manner by which to watch:

All seven scenes of Eater’s Guide to the World start spilling on Hulu at 12 PM on Wednesday, November 11. Watch them good now, here, or stream the entire season on your favored gadget. At that point return to Eater for selective substance, plans, explainers, highlights, and additionally just around the corner!

This is what to anticipate:

Dining Alone in the Pacific Northwest
The best piece of eating solo? You can zero in on what merits your consideration most: the food. Time to eat your way through the Pacific Northwest, relishing all the succulent pork steak, soba noodles, and steaming hot singed chicken.

A Cultural Oasis in Casablanca
No cool companion would let you skip Casablanca while out traveling to Morocco. This can’t-miss port city flaunts snails, conventional pastilla, and stunning tagine — you’ve gotta taste it all.

The Ass Crack of Dawn in New York City
You realize you don’t need to return home, isn’t that so? There’s an entire world in New York City after last call. Dive into Korean grill or get some empanadas to keep the great occasions rolling.

Jungle to Table in Costa Rica
The Costa Rican wilderness is fundamentally nature’s sweets store — overflowing with flavorful guanabana, cainito, cas, pejibaye, and, obviously, cacao — and we’d prefer to welcome you in. These delicious treats are dribble down-to-your-elbows great.

Eating on the Hood of Your Car in LA
Your long-ass drive in LA just improved. In the middle of the red lights, stop for hot chicken, new bread, exhibition hall commendable bento boxes, and more.

Finding Roots in Tijuana
Tijuana is as much a spot for local people all things considered for newcomers. So don’t be modest — attempt the specialty brew, birria, Caesar serving of mixed greens (trust us), and the sky is the limit from there. You’ll be happy you did.

Taking Off in America
Just past the takeoff terminals of JFK, DCA, ATL, MIA, and LGB, you’ll find smoky grill, sweet ‘n’ soft flapjacks, and zesty jolt wings that merit a second outing through security.