Singer Millind Gaba recently launched his new single, Kya Karu.

 Just like Bollywood, the music business also has faced a hardship about the bias discussion. For vocalist Millind Gaba, despite the fact that the excursion has not been a simple one, he wouldn't fret the partiality part of the business to such an extent. 

“There are a lot of challenges as a lot of people try to pull you down at the time you are rising. The key is to ignore that negativity and remain focused. So far it has been good. Yes, favouritism exists and it is okay. Everyone has a favourite singer, actor, director. But favouritism is good as long as it does not hurt one mentally or his career,” shares Gaba.

A position pariah in the business, the artist says that it has been hard for him yet everything gets simple in the event that one has a correct group to back one up.

“I have a team which has faith in me and any experiments of mine. They welcome them with open arms and they understand the kind of work I do. Having a team backing you is necessity otherwise how will you reach your target audience. If you have talent and a team, you are going to shine on,” he clarifies.

Gaba as of late appeared his new single, Kya Karu which likewise includes Parampara Thakur. Yet, the artist, who has fiddled with both Bollywood and free music, has one clear inclination.

“ I would prefer making indie more because Bollywood has a lot of situational songs and there are a lot of limitations. Indie music is totally free from all these aspects, so for me indie music any day,” he thinks.

While there is no lack of outside the box artists nowadays, Gaba feels has an expression of alert for the individuals who need to have it simple in their professions.

“There is always a time for everything. A lot of new artistes are rising very fast but they don’t have direction that is why they lose it all very soon. Speed is not important, focus is,” he closes.