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There’s a ton to like about the Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 and quite a bit of that returns from its stripped to-essentials denews24nation. Recently out of the container, short any adornments, this is an electric bicycle that resembles it’s chomping at the bit to go.

Sponsorship that up is a burly battery and center point engine blend that gives gearless single speed rushes to riders, all things considered, and aptitude levels. Execution is more than satisfactory for most cycling circumstances, and the dynamic accelerating experience is a scrumptiously basic one. Variable help is there in the event that you need it. Urgently, the RadMission 1 stops as pleasantly as it quickens on account of its incredible circle brakes.

Actually, considering this is a straightforward e-bicycle, the detail feels about right given the sensible ticket cost. While it’s a workhorse that can be utilized by anybody in your family, the RadMission 1 is sufficiently relaxed to not draw in the consideration of hoodlums, predominantly because of an extremely downplayed denews24nation. That is something to be thankful for in case you’re driving, yet similarly valuable during everyday easygoing use as well.

Add everything together and the RadMission 1 is an enticing recommendation that is essentially all set right out of the container.

(Picture credit: Rob Clymo)Price and delivery date

The Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 began delivering in October 2020, with a starting cost of €1,099 in Europe and $1,099 in the US (about £1,000/AU$1,800).


The Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 is about straightforwardness. On first look, it could be simply one more non-electric bicycle, such is the denews24nation. Look somewhat nearer however and there are a lot of highlights that add esteem.

Be that as it may, Rad Power Bikes has likewise been developing its denews24nation ethos of late, with more seasoned bicycles in the reach like the RadWagon electric freight bicycle additionally getting an ongoing makeover.

In that capacity, the RadMission 1 shows up with some perfect twists. There are two aluminum edges to browse, mid-venture, which comes in either dark or white and high-venture with dark or dim completions on offer. Our test bicycle was a white mid-venture model. The battery, which is the main genuine giveway this is an e-bicycle, is conspicuously shown on the downtube, yet the styling is somewhat more stylishly satisfying than prior bicycles.

(Picture credit: Rob Clymo)

The bicycle likewise includes another 48V 10.5Ah 504Wh battery. At 3kg, this is almost 1kg lighter than Rad Power Bikes’ standard battery pack, yet offers the equivalent 45- 80+ km range. It very well may be charged in situ utilizing the provided link pack, or opened and eliminated.

The wheels are spoked aluminum 27.5″ x 1.95″ edges, and convey Kenda Kontact tires. Our European model had the intelligent sidewalls and the general impact is extraordinary, particularly against the white casing of our test bicycle.

Adding to the slim lines of the RadMission 1 is the way the drive-train is single speed. No derailleur arms or unnecessary apparatuses here, so it’s all pretty moderate. At the back, the 250W outfitted engine center point, radiant in dark, scarcely enrolls as you pick your way around the bicycle unexpectedly.

(Picture credit: Rob Clymo)

The good to beat all originates from some Rad Power Bikes prospers, incorporating coordinated lights with the back one going about as a brake light as well, level comfortable handlebars and a useful as opposed to comfortable seat.

Those handlebars highlight, to your left side as you ride, a straightforward LED control board, which highlights one push on and one push off force. Help can be adjusted by pushing on the + or – catches, while LEDs show you the degree of help you’re getting from the engine and how much life is left in the battery. You can likewise turn the lights now and again by means of this unit. The right-hand side hold offers a turn power help highlight, which we’ll get to in a matter of seconds.


We were extremely quick to jump on and head off for a turn on the RadMission 1 e-bicycle. It looks enticing. With no of the discretionary frill, most eminently the full curved guards we got with our model, it nearly seems as though a bicycle you might have made yourself. That is a commendation as well, by chance. Notwithstanding, our first ride was deferred a touch of attempting to fix those curved guards on gratitude to an obstinate screw behind the wrench that basically wouldn’t move.

You’ll have to place some more air into the tires and top up the battery before your first run, however beside that the RadMission 1 will be a great idea to go. This is an extraordinary bicycle on the off chance that you would prefer not to invest any energy familiarizing yourself with the controls. Essentially turn on the battery pack utilizing the ‘ignition key’- style gathering on the battery pack, press the force switch on the handlebars, select the degree of help and away you go.

(Picture credit: Rob Clymo)

There’s the wind power help on the correct side of the handlebars, which conveys a convenient change of capacity to get you in progress, yet we didn’t wind up utilizing it as much as we’d anticipated. You can change the levels as you go, which is sufficiently simple, however in any case you should simply pedal. Not having any apparatuses, or to be sure whatever else to stress over methods the RadMission 1 jumps on not far off pleasantly to be sure.

This is an unbending casing bicycle, with forks to coordinate, however those medium size tires offer some asylum on unpleasant surfaces and make the general cycling experience very sympathetic in light of everything. We were additionally adequately dazzled with the Tektro circle brakes, front and back. They were European particular, which implied the front brake was on the left, yet you sit very upstanding on this e-bicycle so you never feel like you will incidentally get tossed over the handlebars on the off chance that you overlook.

The seat isn’t one of the comfiest in the Rad Power Bikes portfolio, however it manages the work and highlights a speedy delivery for on-the-spot change (as does the front wheel).

(Picture credit: Rob Clymo)

Doing a decent not many kilometers for our first run, and on a blend of streets, cycle ways and rock park cycleways, the RadMission 1 conveyed excited taking care of. It really feels like you can toss it around a piece, which adds to the pleasant factor no closure.

Similarly as with the other Rad Power Bikes models we’ve attempted, battery life never truly seems, by all accounts, to be an issue. We had a lot of utilization out of the bicycle it actually needn’t bother with a full charge. Our non-logical decision on the force flexibly is that it’s more than satisfactory for ordinary use however Rad Power Bikes official figure is 80+ kilometers on a charge. Begin placing in some ordinary long drives and that could change, however with driving leaving design like outdated non-fueled bicycles, is that actually an issue?

First checked on October 2020

(Picture credit: Rob Clymo)Buy it if

You need an e-bicycle that is an extraordinary all-rounder
The RadMission 1 is a bicycle for all seasons and any circumstance, with driving being the conspicuous utilize yet it’s incredible for shopping or days out.

You don’t need an electric bicycle that shouts for attention
This is an e-bicycle that will mix in with the group and, ideally, put any cycle hoodlums off the aroma.

You’re quick to attempt an e-bicycle yet don’t have any desire to spend a fortune
The widespread styling and execution will mean on the off chance that you don’t continue ahead with the bicycle, another person you know will.

Try not to get it if

You would prefer not to need to set up your new bike
Buying direct methods you’ll have to invest some energy removing everything from the container and assembling everything. You don’t need to fabricate the entire bicycle, obviously, however the provided toolbox will get some utilization at first.

In case you’re after a completely stacked e-bike
This is stripped down electric trekking. We requested the discretionary curved guards and kickstand, yet embellishments that additionally incorporate racks come at additional expense.

You appreciate apparatuses, and bunches of them
We love the single-speed straightforwardness of this e-bicycle, yet an absence of rigging alternatives may be strange to a few and even off-putting to other people. It’s simply not that sort of bicycle.