Exclusive! Manoj Bajpayee reveals Asif Basra was at complete peace with himself, says “I don’t know what made him take this step” - Times of India

Actor Asif Basra who has intrigued the whole gang with his exhibitions in films like, ‘Kai Po Che’, ‘Black Friday’, ‘Hichki’ and others, died in the extremely early times of Thursday morning. The actor was discovered hanging in his Dharamshala home.

ETimes connected with Manoj Bajpayee who has worked together with him on different tasks. In a selective meeting, Manoj thought back working with Asif, the last time he saw the late actor, and then some. Selections…

The stunning updates on Asif Basra dying has shaken Bollywood by and by…
It is exceptionally stunning to realize that Asif is no more. We are as yet dealing with his misfortune. I have worked with him on a few ventures. The last that I worked with him was in a web arrangement. He was looking at remaining in Dharamshala. He decided not to remain in Mumbai. He was jabbering about his home there. Presently, I came to realize that he has died in a similar spot. I don’t actually have the foggiest idea how everything occurred except it is a very sinking feeling. I don’t have the foggiest idea how to react to this.

How could you come to think about this?
I came to think about it when I was checking Twitter and out of nowhere this news fired springing up. I was totally shocked.

When was the last time you met him?
I worked with him on a web arrangement not long before the lockdown. He was such a cheerful individual. He was continually chuckling and telling wisecracks. I can’t accept that he is no more.

Were you in contact with him during the lockdown?
I was not actually in contact with him. He was someone that I worked with. Nonetheless, we never stuck around that much. We partook in being on the set together. I making the most of his funny bone. I adored the way that he originated from a performance center foundation. We shared an extraordinary fellowship on the set.

How was Asif as an actor and as a person?
He was a splendid actor. There is no uncertainty about it. He was from an auditoriums foundation. He had so much experience. He had an incredible handle of his specialty and expertise as an actor. Personally, he was an euphoric individual. He was harmony adoring and that was one reason he decided to remain in Dharamshala. There are not many who decided to avoid Mumbai. Huge urban communities are losing their appeal. It was a courageous advance and I valued him organizing his tranquility and bliss over everything else.

What are your fondest recollections with him?
When we were going for our web arrangement, he used to laugh uncontrollably between the scenes when I was performing. He was wild. It was a genuine scene and yet, it was humourous in nature. We used to eat together and have significant discussions about our callings, about the slopes, about Mumbai and numerous things.

What will you miss about him the most?
I will miss him totally as an actor and personally. I will miss his grinning face which was totally not fascinated of the enormous city and the style. This is the thing that he was. He was totally immaculate by the cosmopolitan idea of the city and avarice. He was at finished harmony with himself. I don’t have the foggiest idea what made him make this stride.

Do you intend to visit his family?

I will attempt however I don’t have the foggiest idea where his family is. I will attempt to discover. Truth be told, huge numbers of us who realized him are now attempting to connect awith his family.