Exclusive: People are bound to make judgements without hearing the other side of the story, says Vijay Raaz - Times of India

Bombay Times Exclusive

“I am all for an investigation by the authorities. However, to ostracise me, suspend and terminate my services from my forthcoming films even before any sort of investigation, is shocking. I have no words to express”

Last week, actor Vijay Raaz was blamed for attack by a female team individual from their impending film Sherni. The shoot of the film featuring Vidya Balan had continued a couple of days back in Balaghat (Madhya Pradesh) after the long break inferable from the pandemic. The cast and team of the film was remaining at an inn in Gondia, a couple of kilometers from the shooting area. Vijay Raaz was captured by the Gondia police late night on November 2 and was delivered on restrictive bail by a neighborhood court the following evening. Just after the episode, the actor got back to Mumbai as he got an email dated Nov 3, 2020, from the producers Abundantia Entertainment Pvt Ltd, expressing his brief suspension from the film because of the protest got. The makers have even set up an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) to test the attack claims against Raaz.

Up until now, Raaz hasn’t remarked on the issue, however when Bombay Times connected with him, after much consideration, he opened up on the claims against him. He stated, “Ladies’ wellbeing is of prime concern. I have a 21- year-old little girl, so I comprehend the gravity of the circumstance. I am supportive of an examination by the specialists. Notwithstanding, to segregate me, suspend and end my administrations from my approaching movies even before such an examination, is stunning. I have no words to communicate. It’s an extremely risky spot to be in. I have been working in the entertainment world for 23 a long time!

Bohot mehnat se maine apna profession banaya hai. Tinka jodke maine apna ghar banaya hai. Anyone can disrupt anybody’s vocation?

Kisine bol diya aur aapne maan liya that I am a harasser? Individuals will undoubtedly make decisions without hearing the opposite side of the story. Regardless of what the result of this case, aap pe ek thappa slack jaata hai. I have been articulated liable even before the examination. My entitlement to procure a vocation is seriously influenced. Am I not the casualty here? My old dad who lives in Delhi, likewise needs to confront the general public thus does my young little girl.”

Bombay Times connected with a unit part who was obviously present during the take shots consistently, yet she would not reveal subtleties saying that the issue was sub judice. She quickly stated, “We have said what we had to say. Everything has been told to the police. Law will take its course and people should get justice irrespective of their gender.”

As indicated by sources, the complainant has detailed in her FIR that she felt awkward on different events between October 25 and 29. The source additionally added that Raaz putting his hand around her shoulder and contacting her hair didn’t go down well with her and when he was educated regarding her inconvenience, he quickly apologized.

Raaz added, “I have been working with a similar group for longer than a year. We play cricket on set. It’s the manner by which we are with one another. However, when I was told she felt awkward, I was sorry. This was before the whole group. My statement of regret implied I regard your emotions. In any case, it didn’t imply that I recognized the cases made later at the police headquarters. Saying sorry doesn’t generally imply that you are incorrect. It implies you regard somebody’s sentiments more. I additionally have obligations and I need a work.

Simple itney saalon ki mehnat can go down the channel if individuals form a hasty opinion without checking the cases. This ought not be uneven. Truth wins however the harm is finished.”

Attorney talks

Vijay Raaz’s legal advisor Advocate Saveena Bedi Sachar revealed to Bombay Times, “It has gotten fundamental to explain Mr. Vijay Raaz’s remain on the charges exacted on him, similar to an actor and a well known person he has endured in a phenomenal way with suggestions and results which is irreversible and this for a supposed offense which he unequivocally accepts he has not submitted.

Mr. Vijay Raaz has not been blamed for any non-bailable offense and his entitlement to guarantee bail was outright and in such cases even the Hon’ble Court guarantees bail, as was properly conceded to our customer. He is additionally astonished that a gracious expression of remorse which he may have given seemingly out of the blue without fluttering an eyelid or really thinking about it, as he never had any malevolence or awful goals towards the complainant, could be utilized against him. The Hon’ble Court has the privilege to choose, however lamentably, during circumstances such as the present, businesses regularly dread shock via online media and act rashly, by ending contracts, and keeping in mind that web-based media shock has its place in the public eye, our customer has no such forerunners against him.

It is miserable that some huge organizations neglect to comprehend the significance of having a reasonable enquiry and force sanctions on the blamed under the guise for ‘zero resistance’ even before the examination begins. Elegant ought not be utilized as a cover to deny men their entitlement to equity. Indian law perceives ‘presumption of innocence’ and as an apparently guiltless individual my customer is qualified for procure his job and that can’t be detracted from him based on a forthcoming examination. Mr Vijay Raaz keeps up that he never had any off-base expectations towards anybody on the set or anybody related with the film. The issue is forthcoming examination and Mr. Raaz will give appropriate confirmations in the Hon’ble Court and that he completely trusts and accepts that the legal arrangement of our nation will guarantee equity for him.”