Imtiaz Ali: I cast Asif Basra in 'Jab We Met' as I wanted an intelligent actor - Times of India

Late Asif Basra played a little yet significant function in Imtiaz Ali’s 2007 film, ‘Punch We Met’, featuring Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. The producer reviews how Asif had the psyche and ability of an actor who could perform even a little part with conviction. He played a station seller in Ali’s film.

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In a meeting with IANS, chief Ali shared his stun about Basra’s passing and stated, “For me, Asif is a special part of a special film. He was a fantastic actor. The news of his demise is very shocking and disturbing.”

Remembering him for his acting ability, he stated, “He was a fine actor and very easy to work with. It (his death) is indeed a loss. I remember while making ‘Jab We Met’, I wanted an intelligent actor who could convey what I was trying to say and present. I wanted to show two qualities — lechery and humour — at the same time through that role. I wanted him to be threatening and funny at the same time. ”

“So, for the role, I wanted a special actor who had the mind and the skill to perform,” he added.

Opening up about the condition they shared, he stated, “I have known Aasif through theatre in Mumbai. It is what had led me to him many years ago. We didn’t work together after ‘Jab We Met’. I couldn’t get around to work with him but I have seen his other films. He was an engaging actor. I will miss him in the movies.”