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A man in Egypt on Thursday set himself on fire in Tahrir Square in the capital, Cairo as he challenged “corruption and poor living conditions”.

The man was later protected by police and bystanders, as indicated by nearby media reports.

The Egyptian man was allegedly sacked from his position at a bank for uncovering debasement including state authorities.

In a video generally circled via web-based media, the man griped about his money related and everyday environments.

The 20- minute video broadcast on Facebook demonstrated the man discussing his endeavors to uncover defilement by state authorities, prompting his terminating from his work.

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He was to confront a weighty fine because of the National Security powers for his uncovering defilement.

As indicated by Middle East Eye, the man self-immolated before cops and bystanders figured out how to extinguish the flares.

“I have nothing to cry about. My life has been ruined. I have been unjustly fired from my job and unjustly blocked from returning to it. This is what’s happening now,” he said instantly prior to setting himself burning.

He added that “There’s a hover of degenerate individuals that oversee Egypt, they’re all degenerate, they’re all hoodlums… the military gathering is the wellspring of the debasement in the nation. They are taking from the nation until the present time, while individuals can’t stand to eat.

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“The bosses are rendering retribution from the slaves who rebelled against them [in the 2011 uprisings]. This is the place where we are presently. The more you remain quiet, the more terrible it will get.”

Tahrir Square in Cairo was the area of the progressive fights in 2011 that unseated long-lasting pioneer Hosni Mubarak.

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