Ghana: Husbands risk going to jail for not eating wives’ food - Africa Feeds

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Marriage should be delighted in by couples until death isolates them. That implies for the remainder of their lives married couples should do a great deal to hold that marriage solidly and charming.

However, in Africa many accept relatively few couples can make sure about a glad marriage in view of certain mentalities thought about unromantic.

Here are a portion of those mentalities some accept are awful and not accommodating in starting some sentiment in relationships among African couples.

1). Numerous relationships are only for dozing and awakening, bringing up children and maturing together till death comes.

2). Numerous couples scarcely kiss and they possibly embrace each other when they get uplifting news.

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3). The spouse possibly places food in his better half’s mouth just when she is in critical condition and can’t take care of herself.

4). On the off chance that you see a man opening vehicle entryway for his significant other, it implies the entryway is defective.

5). The main thing that makes an African man contact his better half’s neck is the point at which she grumbles of fever. He won’t contact it again till the following fever.

6). The main time he can convey his significant other in his arms is the point at which she is in the process of giving birth.

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7). On the off chance that you see them situated outside around evening time, don’t think they are sentimental. They are just trusting that the smell of bug spray will disappear.

8). Numerous spouses purchase presents for their husbands just when they are hospitalized.

9).The just time they move out/leave together is when there is peril and everybody is running.

10). The main time they take evening walk is the point at which they need to go and lay a grumble to the guardians of the individual that beat their kid or got their girl pregnant.

11). The main time they shower together is when both are behind schedule for work.

12).The just time a spouse looks carefully to her significant other’s eyes is the point at which he grumbles of earth in his eyes.

Changing of outlooks and doing things another way could start some sentiment into numerous relationships of African couples.

Ghana: Husbands hazard going to prison for not eating spouses’ food