Eater at Home for the Holidays

Hibernations began sooner than regular this year: For huge numbers of us, the previous eight months have been a period of social change, of settling all the more solidly into our own spaces (and obviously, our kitchens), of considering and recognizing what feels the most pivotal, encouraging, or temporarily great in our every day schedules. Discovering joy in eating — any place and at whatever point we could — took on an entirely different direness, and through everything, Eater at Home has brought that soul, regardless of whether exasperated or energized or test, front and center.

Of course, the current year’s vacation season, much the same as everything else, won’t be equivalent to seasons past. So for Eater at Home for the Holidays, that “make it work” attitude proceeds. This may be a time of overturned desires and new customs, however the fundamental structure squares of what makes a comfortable Christmas season are generally still inside our scope: the cooking (and overcooking), the looking for the most smart presents, the heating and eating and drinking, regularly all simultaneously.

Home is the place where the heart is. Here’s the way we’re keeping our own warm for the holidays.