On Diwali, people exchange and relish a host of sweet treats such as laddoos, barfis and soan papdi, to name a few.

 What's Diwali without mouth-watering mithai! Steaming hot jalebis, gulab jamuns and the heavenly kaju katli — celebrations in India are deficient without a rich spread of desserts and savories to eat up as you celebrate with loved ones. In any case, usually, we wind up gorging more than we likely should, and later fret to shed those additional kilos. In case you're one of those hoping to go in for a total detoxification, this is what nutritionists suggest: 

Take up discontinuous fasting: This includes either a 16- hour quick consistently or an every other week 24- hour quick. It builds the creation of autophagy, which assists with detoxing the body by disposing of the harmed cells. It likewise offers a reprieve to the framework to dispose of the past poisons.

Decrease sugar consumption: Our bodies need time to recuperate from the desserts burned-through during the bubbly season. Along these lines, it is fundamental to overlook fake sugar from your eating regimen, which incorporates bread shop items, desserts, chocolates, soda pops, and so forth for in any event seven days. On the off chance that conceivable, attempt to evade choices of sugar also.

Hydration is the key: Drink in any event three to four liters of water to keep your body hydrated. It will assist you with flushing out the poisons from your body through perspiration and pee. It will likewise help support absorption.

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Start your day with lemon water/detox water: You could begin your day with a glass or two of warm water blended in with the juice of a large portion of a lemon. It flushes out all the poisons and overabundance sugar from your body, supports processing and gives alleviation against manifestations of acid reflux, for example, indigestion, burping and swelling. You could add some nectar in your lemon water, or devour water with jeera (cumin seeds) or methi (fenugreek seeds) absorbed it.

Stick to home-prepared dinners: Rather than requesting from out, a straightforward home-cooked dish, for example, daliya or khichdi can give the sustenance required. While nibbling, settle on a bit of natural product as opposed to something singed. Additionally, incorporate crude, steamed, or sautéed vegetables, dal and high-fiber grains, for example, amaranth, millet, oats and earthy colored rice.

Go vegetarian for seven days: With the assistance of a reasonable veggie lover diet, you will have the option to chop down handled food and abundance salt from your eating regimen. With loads of vegetables and natural products, your body will create less poisons and will get a more significant level of protein.

Try not to pass up work out: Regular exercise helps detox as it manages the dissemination of the lymph and blood framework. On the off chance that you don’t have a lot of time, you could take a speedy walk, or do a 10- minute system which incorporates squats and other such activities. In any event, something as basic as discarding the lift to use the stairwell can help guarantee you have a solid heart.

Contributions from nutritionists Avni Kaul, Pooja Banga and Rohini Patil

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