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The groups of some West African travelers who were executed in Gambia under previous pioneer Yahya Jammeh have sued the legislatures of Gambia and Ghana.

Helped by ANEKED, they documented grievances on Wednesday against the two governments under the steady gaze of the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice for encroaching a few worldwide basic freedoms, including the privilege to legal cures.

In July 2005, 44 Ghanaian migrants as well as some 12 other West Africans (from Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, and Côte d’Ivoire) including two ladies (one apparently pregnant) persuasively disappeared in The Gambia while on their approach to Europe via ocean.

A Gambian national, Lamin Tunkara, suspected to have been their runner likewise endured a similar destiny.

The travelers were never gotten with again aside from one who figured out how to get away and ready specialists over the fringe in Senegal.

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Following the authorized vanishings and for quite a long time a while later, Ghanaian and Gambian common society associations have united with the sole survivor and groups of those vanished to lobby for those mindful to be considered responsible in reasonable preliminaries, anyway their requests have fell on hard of hearing years.

Regardless of vows by the two governments in 2009 to “pursue through all available means, the arrests and prosecutions of all those involved” no news24nationificant steps have been taken to back the way of talking, even as proof has arisen that the travelers were killed, by the “Junglers”, a death crew revealing straightforwardly to previous President of The Gambia Yahya Jammeh.

Moreover, five diverse United Nations basic liberties screens have communicated worries to the two governments at the absence of solid examination completed hitherto.

“No one ought to need to stand by 15 a long time to get equity for such genuine common freedoms infringement. The quiet and inaction from the two governments just serves to fuel exemption and absence of straightforwardness surrounding the authorized vanishing of the West Africans.

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The families abandoned proceed with their quest for truth and equity,” said Nana-Jo N’dow, Founder and Executive Director of ANEKED.

Nana-Jo N’dow added that “It is time a thorough, independent and credible investigation into this incident is conducted by a competent legal authority and that governments take up their responsibility to fulfil the rights of the deceased migrants and their families who deserve nothing short of truth, justice and accountability.”

The objections, which profited by inputs gave by the “Freedom from Violence Project” of the Center for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, likewise put a focus on the mind boggling marvel of implemented vanishing with regards to movement.

All transients have common freedoms, regardless of how or where they move. Besides, family members of the vanished reserve the option to know the full and unadulterated truth about the destiny of their friends and family and acquire reparations paying little heed to their transitory status, sexual orientation or identity.

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