Sushant Divgikr says his song Diamond is all about hope and courage.

                    Sushant Divgikr’s debut independent English single highlights how society often tags people into certain categories, and shames them for their orientation, body type, skin colour, background et al. The model-VJ-actor-singer wants to spread the message that nothing but who we are as individuals define us, and motivate people to break free from these tags.

“This year has been crazy and we thought of closing it on a positive note. Our song Diamond is all about hope and courage. The constant body shaming, slut shaming, fat shaming, transgender shaming affect the mental health of those targeted. It’s also important to not pay heed to all the negativity and recognise our true self,” says the lead vocalist of Top Storey.


Divgikr is also planning to start a social media campaign around with this idea in mind.

“If we come together and voice against this constant shaming, only then we can bring about a change. And what better place can be to start the dialogue than social media,” adds the 30-year-old, who had earlier sung two English songs, Love is love and I am coming out, both international production.

Explaining why he didn’t news24nation up with a label for Diamond, he tells us, “With this song, I’m officially foraying into Indian music space, so I wanted to have full creative freedom. Next, I have some fifteen Hindi and English songs ready for 2021.”

Looking forward to doing playback singing, Divgikr — who can sing in both male and female voices — reveals that some people have inhibitions hiring him.

“No one is going to know who’s singing till the name is revealed because my job is behind the camera. I feel opportunities and representation of LGBTQI+ community in films and web need to be real. Woh transgender artiste ko cast na karke kisi straight insaan ko transgender ka role karwayenge. If you don’t give us work, show our real struggle, how are you helping us?” he questions.

Known for his drag avatar, Rani KoHEnur, the former Bigg Boss contestant says that the entertainment industry is “biased towards insiders” and hopes the debates happening right now would “open door for more opportunities”.

Meanwhile, Divgikr, who has done acting projects such as Evening Shadows (2018) and Love, Life & Screw Ups!!! (2016), is in talks for films and web series.

“I’m open to TV offers, too. Till the time I’m not turning into a snake and biting somebody, I’ll do it (laughs). We all are working hard to create space in mainstreams showbiz and I hope in the coming times, irrespective of background or orientation, talent would be prioritised,” Divgikr ends on a hopeful note.

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