Exclusive! Dabboo Ratnani chooses his 5 best pictures of Salman Khan - Times of India

On Salman Khan’s birthday today, we asked ace photographer Dabboo Ratnani’s to select 5 best pictures of the superstar. His only condition was: “Please don’t ask me which is my No.1 of these.”

“This picture was shot in Lonavla, where he was shooting for Bigg Boss. I found an old mill there and he complied by coming there. HJe’s looking dapper in it,” says Dabboo.

“This picture gives you a Jane Dean vibe, it was shot in Panchgani. I had driven there and he was shooting.Actually, he wanted my wife Manisha to shoot this picture. He has this knack of tapping people’s talent and driving them to do things for their career which they otherwise might not have thought of. Manisha did start doing some shoots after that. It gave her quite some confidence. He said that I should only direct this picture.”

“This was shot sometime between Dabangg and Dabangg 2. He had the cop look on, we just gave it a modern twist. I used a very edgy lighting and got a very cult kind picture which has shades of retro in it.”

“This is a very emotional picture,” says Dabboo, “Salman was very attached to both his pups- My Jaan and My Son. Both are no more. You can see the bonding in each one’s eyes. We shot this picture at his Panvel farmhouse. I had stayed over for two days.”

“This was done at a studio for a magazine. We rarely shoot him in such formal clothes, he’s often photographed very crunchy and rugged or bare bodied. I have used a film light behind him which gives a glare and flare in the lens. It’s a very cinematic shot, I would say.”