IND vs AUS, 2nd Test Live Score: Shubman Gill, Ajinkya Rahane Take India Closer To Victory

                                        IND vs AUS: Shubman Gill hits a shot during the second Test match.© AFP

Despite losing early wickets, India have put in a good start against Australia, on Day 4, of the ongoing second Test match at Melbourne Cricket Ground. The visitors are closer to victory, and sealing the series at 1-1. The visitors bowled out the Aussies for 200, and will be aiming to carry on their batting momentum and wrap up the proceedings on Day 4 itself. Australia had grabbed a lead of 69 runs. The hosts will be hoping for a repeat of the first Test in Adelaide, but a slow and flat wicket is expected to work in India’s favour. The home side began Day 4 on a cautious note, with Cameron Green anchoring his side’s innings, before falling to a Mohammed Siraj delivery. After the departure of Green, it didn’t take much time for India to register the wickets of the tailenders. After the lunch break, Indian batsmen will aim to dominate proceedings and seal victory at the MCG. (LIVE SCORECARD)

2nd Test, Day 4 Live Updates Between Australia (AUS) vs India (IND), Straight From Melbourne Cricket Ground

December29202009:04 (IST)FOUR!Hazlewood sends a full delivery. Rahane goes on the front foot and drives it through the covers for a four! WONDERFUL!December29202009:00 (IST)FOUR!Hazlewood sends a short delivery, with width. Rahane cuts it past point for a four! EXQUISITE!December29202008:58 (IST)FOUR! India need 28 runs!Cummins adds width to this delivery. Gill drives it well wide of gully, as it sneaks down to third man fence for a four!India need 28 runs and are 42 for two.December29202008:56 (IST)One runCummins sends a straighter delivery, in line. Gill sneaks it down to fine leg for a single!December29202008:54 (IST)Three runsCummins sends a full delivery, with some width. Rahane drives it towards the boundary, but it doesn't have enough power. Three runs.December29202008:48 (IST)One run, India need 37 runsRahane sneaks in this Starc delivery to square leg, and takes a single!India need 37 runs and are 33 for two after 7 overs.December29202008:45 (IST)FOUR!!Starc sends a fuller delivery. Gill gets a nick and it goes between the slips and gully for a four!December29202008:44 (IST)FOUR!Gill uses Starc's pace. He opens the face of his bat, and smacks it through backward point for a four!December29202008:38 (IST)FOUR!Rahane picks the length of Cummins' delivery. He pulls it to the square leg boundary for a four!December29202008:36 (IST)OUT! Cheteshwar Pujara c Marnus Labuschagne b Pat Cummins 3 (4)Cummins sends a full delivery. Pujara tries to drive it into the gully, but gets an edge. Green does the rest. Poor batting by the veteran!A repeat of Adelaide for India?In comes, Ajinkya Rahane.December29202008:35 (IST)One run, India need 51 runsStarc sends a quick delivery. Pujara hits it behind point for a single. India need 51 runs!December29202008:31 (IST)OUT! Mayank Agarwal c Ti Paine b Mitchell Starc 5 (15)Starc sends a quick swinging delivery. Mayanks holds his line but gets an edge. It goes to Paine, who does the rest!In comes, Cheteshwar Pujara.December29202008:28 (IST)Two runsCummins sends a fuller delivery. Mayank drives it through the gap at cover for two runs.December29202008:20 (IST)FOUR! DELICIOUS SHOT!Gill attacks Starc! He smacks his delivery past mid-off for a delicious four! EXCELLENT!December29202008:17 (IST)FOUR!Cummins overpitches his delivery, outside off in the slot. Gill cover dirves it wide of mid-off for a four! CLASSY SHOT!December29202008:14 (IST)One run, India need 68 runs!Starc sends another quick delivery. Gill flicks it towards deep backward square leg for a single.India need 68 runs.December29202008:13 (IST)One run, off the mark!A quick delivery by Starc. Mayank glances it away down to fine leg for a single.December29202008:11 (IST)No run, a fiery delivery by Mitchell StarcStarc sends a quick swinging delivery, and it hits Mayank on his thigh pad. He looks to be in pain but will continue.December29202008:09 (IST)Action resumes!Mayank Agarwal and Shubman Gill walk in to open the innings for India. Meanwhile, Mitchell Starc will bowl the first over for Australia.December29202007:32 (IST)OUT! Josh Hazlewood b Ravichandran Ashwin 10 (21)Ashwin sends a good length delivery, at middle and leg stump line. Hazlewood leaves it, but it turns and hits the top of off stump. OUT! Australia have been bowled out for 200, and lead by 69 runs. Its lunch time now!December29202007:27 (IST)No run, huge appeal for lbw!Ashwin sends his carrom ball, at off stump on a good length. Starc tried to flick it, but it hits his knee. Umpire confirms there is no inside edge on it. Nothing on HotSpot. Its umpire's call on hitting and Starc survives. India retain their review. Tracking showed that it clips the bails.December29202007:24 (IST)Two runsAshwin sends a legbreak, and it short at off stump. Starc pulls it to long leg's right for two runs.December29202007:16 (IST)Two runsBumrah sends a full delivery, outside off. Hazlewood stays deep in his crease and drives it to mid-off's right. Two runs.December29202007:12 (IST)One runBumrah sends a good length delivery into the pads. Starc floats it past leg gully for a single.December29202007:05 (IST)One runBumrah sends a yorker on Starc's front toe. He slaps it down to fine leg for a single.December29202007:04 (IST)One runBumrah sends a short delivery, into the ribs of Hazlewood. He defends it into the leg side and takes a single.December29202007:02 (IST)Five runs!Siraj sends a short delivery at middle stump. Hazlewood sends it into the leg side. Siraj does the fielding and throws it at the non-striker's end. At mid-on, Ashwin misses it completely. Five runs!December29202006:58 (IST)OUT!! Nathan Lyon c Rishabh Pant b Mohammed Siraj 3 (15)Siraj sends a short delivery, and its quick. Lyon receives it at the height of his hips and gets a glove. Pant does the rest. Also, Siraj gets his fifth wicket in his Test debut. In comes, Josh Hazlewood.December29202006:52 (IST)Two runsJadeja sends a short delivery. Starc goes on the backfoot, and sends it to Pujara's left. Misfielding at midwicket and two runs.December29202006:50 (IST)One run, Australia lead by 52 runsSiraj sends a full delivery, at the stumps. Starc works it away to long leg for a single.Australia lead by 52 runs and are 183 for eight after 95 overs.December29202006:39 (IST)One runAshwin sends a good length delivery, outside off. Lyon slaps it past slip with an open bat for a single!December29202006:35 (IST)OUT! Cameron Green c Ravindra Jadeja b Mohammed Siraj 45 (146)Siraj sends a short length delivery. Green tries to attack it and he pulls it. It goes big, but not enough. Jadeja grabs it at midwicket. Australia have lost their last big fish now!In comes, Nathan Lyon.December29202006:31 (IST)FOUR!Siraj sends a full delivery on the middle stump. Green shuffles and then punches it past mid-on for a four!December29202006:29 (IST)One runSiraj sends a full delivery at middle stump. Starc hits it to mid on's right for a single. Rahul stops it with a dive.December29202006:26 (IST)One runJadeja sends a full delivery, at off stump. Green defends it with ease.December29202006:19 (IST)Two runsAshwin sends a full delivery into the toes of Starc. He uses his hands to make it go through square leg. Two runs!December29202006:16 (IST)FOUR! Australia lead by 38 runs!Bumrah sends a shorter delivery, outside off. Green square drives it past point for a strong four!Australia lead by 38 runs, and are 169 for seven after 87 overs.December29202006:13 (IST)Three runs, Australia lead by 29 runsBumrah sends a low full toss in the corridor. Green shuffles and glances it to fine leg's left.Australia lead by 29 runs.December29202006:03 (IST)One run!THAT WAS A NASTY BOUNCER BY BUMRAH! IT WENT RIGHT AT STARC'S HELMET!Starc defended it and gets a thick inside edge, to fine leg's left for a single.December29202006:01 (IST)OUT! Pat Cummins c Mayank Agarwal b Jasprit Bumrah 22 (103)Bumrah sends a short delivery, right at Cummins' throat. Cummins sticks out his bat in front of his throat in self-defence and it snicks at his gloves and lobs to Mayank at second slip for a catch.In comes, Mitchell Starc. 

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