Los Angeles Residents Can Add Proof of Coronavirus Vaccine to Apple Wallet

<p class="heading_excerpt">LA County residents can add proof of COVID-19 vaccination to their iPhones.</p>

        Your iPhone can already be used to display your tickets, travel cards, credit card information, and more. In one part of America, it can also now be used to to show that you are the recipient of a COVID-19 vaccination that could gain you access to various locations, services, schools, or other settings that require proof of vaccination.

        Bloomberg reported that vaccine recipients in the COVID-19 hotspot Los Angeles County will be offered a digital record that gives them a means to show, via Apple Wallet, that they have received both doses of the two-dose coronavirus vaccine. A similar arrangement is available on Android devices.

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                Partnership Between Los Angeles and Health Info Startup

        This offering is made possible by a partnership between Los Angeles County and startup

        Healthvana, founded in late 2014. Healthvana has developed a software platform for delivering test results to patients with various sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV.

        It reportedly started working with Los Angeles County earlier in 2020 as a way to deliver COVID-19 test results to those who had received tests.

        People who have been vaccinated will also receive a paper card that tracks which vaccines they've received and when they received these. However, given that such a card could be easily lost, a digital tool like this could turn out to be extremely useful for those who need it.

        Image Credit: Hakan Nural/Unsplash CC

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