Exclusive! 'Halla Bol' actor Shiv Kumar back from hospital; Daughter says,

Shiv Kumar Verma’s heart wrenching tale of reaching out to the film industry to save his life fell on deaf ears. Daughter dearest Rajsi stood by him like a rock and the senior actor has finally been discharged from the hospital after a stay of 12/13 days. Breathing a sigh of relief, Rajsi informs ETimes exclusively, “I don’t know how these days passed. I was in acute anxiety when Daddy was on a ventilator, which was removed only after 6 days. I didn’t have my brother’s help either as he has dissociated himself from us and even lives separately with his girlfriend. But what really shocked me was that nobody from the TV or Bollywood industry came forward to help financially despite us having appealed regarding the same on Day 1 from the hospital. Let me tell you that a few of them called up to check on his health, but did not offer any assistance whatsoever. I had to break my Fixed Deposits to cough up Rs 5 lakh, the Atlantis hospital was courteous enough to grant me a small discount after I used some
pehchan to convey them my plight. And, a big thanks to the doctors who attended on him skilfully”.

Shiv Kumar had been hospitalised after being diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). The senior acror’s financial crunch had arisen after he produced 2 shows for TV- ‘ Kahani Tota Maina Ki’ and ‘Naadaniyaan” for El-TV and Jain TV. “Even the promos had come out but there were some middlemen who kept asking for more money. My father had invested a lot and could not cough up anymore, the shows eventually were not aired,” Rajsi had told us at the time her father was wheeled in.

Shiv Kumar’s health started deteriorating in the past few years when he increased the number of cigarettes that he was taking. “Now of course no cigarettes and no drinks either. Plus he has to reduce his weight; he is about 85 kg. And importantly, he has to do breathing exercises two-and-half-hours after he sleeps for the night; his lungs have become weak. This implies that I have to continue remaining awake so that I can wake him up.”

The Vermas received Rs 50,000 from CINTAA. “We also received about Rs 50,000 from the Film Industry Welfare Trust. And yes, senior actress Kunickaa Lal came forward to give a certain financial aid. Wish we had more like her. But besides her, there was no one. I wish that the mere lip service had translated into funds,” Rajsi concluded.