Microsoft Teams Will Soon Recap Your Meetings For You

<p class="heading_excerpt">Do you tend to fall asleep during meetings? Don't worry, Microsoft Teams has your back.</p>

        Sometimes you have those meetings where a lot was said, but nothing managed to stick in your memory. If you need a recap after a meeting to remind yourself of its bigger points, Microsoft Teams will soon do all the heavy lifting for you.

                Microsoft's Plans for Teams Recaps

        You can see all the juicy details for yourself over on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. The Roadmap is a really handy tool for checking out all the upcoming updates for Microsoft 365 products. In fact, we've only just reported on Microsoft's plans to bump OneDrive's file-sharing limit to 250GB thanks to a Roadmap entry.

        This time around, we're taking a peek at Feature ID 68729, titled "Microsoft Teams: Meeting Recap." The description goes as follows:

        Meeting recap will help teams stay on track and keep their work moving forward after the meeting is over. Coming this year, a recap with the meeting recording, transcript, chat, shared files and more will be shared with participants in the meeting Chat tab and viewable in the Details tab for each meeting.

                    <p class="c-paragraph-3">It's interesting to note that Microsoft uses the phrase "coming this year," which semi-implies that the update is still a ways away. However, the release date listed on the feature pins it for a January 2021 release, which means it may come out a lot quicker than initially implied.</p>

                Moving From the Office to the Home

        With COVID-19 still making the rounds, people have had to tough it out and work from home as much as possible. With the shift from the office to the home comes the challenge of trying to figure out how to be a hard-working professional when you're sitting in your armchair still in your pajamas.

        Because the workplace has shifted from the office to the home, people may miss out on tools and services that they would otherwise enjoy if they were in a place of business. When someone realizes they don't have the same luxuries they did in the office, they may struggle to find a way to fill the gap.

        Microsoft's plans for Teams appear to be bringing the much-needed productivity features into a work-from-home environment. That way, stay-at-home workers can benefit from professional-level services from the comfort of their living room.

        This end-of-meeting recap will help people who aren't used to self-isolation when working at home to get all the information they need in the absence of printouts or one-to-one discussion. Hopefully, Microsoft will bring even more of these handy tools to Teams in the near future.

                Bringing the Office Essentials Home With Microsoft Teams

        With a lot of people now working from home, employees don't have access to the same tools they'd otherwise have in an office. Fortunately, Microsoft is working hard to ensure home workers have everything they need to stay productive.

        If you're still not totally used to working from home, don't worry. There are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to turn your house into a productivity haven.

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