IND vs AUS, 4th Test, Day 4 Live Score: Mohammed Siraj Removes Steve Smith, Australia Five Down

                                        IND vs AUS Live: Mohammed Siraj celebrates a wicket during Day 4 of the 4th Test.© AFP

Star batsman Steve Smith has helped Australia gain momentum against India on Day 4 of the ongoing fourth and final Test match, at The Gabba in Brisbane. Before the arrival of Smith, the visitors looked set to stage a turnaround after registering quick wickets. Smith has already registered his half-century and will be hoping to reach triple figures. The hosts lost their opening pair Marcus Harris (38) and David Warner (48), despite their steady start on Day 4. Harris lost his wicket to Shardul Thakur, and Warner was sent back to the pavilion by Washington Sundar. The wickets didn’t just stop there, with Marnus Labuschagne getting dismissed by Mohammed Siraj. Siraj also took the wicket of Matthew Wade. The bulk of the responsibility now lies on Smith, who is currently unbeaten. The fiery fightback by India’s bowlers has staged the dynamics of the game, and the likes of Siraj, Sundar will aim to continue with their fine form. The visiting side’s bowling department will be hoping to increase their side’s fighting chance on Day 4. With predictions of rain on Day 4, Australia will be looking to score quick runs to put pressure on the visitors and grab a much-needed win. For India, a draw will see them retain the Border Gavaskar trophy, with the series tied at 1-1, but will be looking to secure back-to-back series wins Down Under. (LIVE SCORECARD)

4th Test, Day 4 LIVE UPDATES Between Australia (AUS) vs India (IND), Straight From The Gabba, Brisbane

January18202109:04 (IST)OUT!!! Steve Smith c Ajinkya Rahane b Mohammed Siraj 55 (74)Siraj sends a length delivery, and it takes the thumb of the bottom hand and goes to Rahane at gully. The glove was the bat handle at the time of impact. Smith reviews it, and it goes in India's favour! A big one for India.In comes, Tim Paine.January18202109:02 (IST)FOUR! Australia: 196/4 (54), lead by 229 runsSundar drifts in a delivery. Green sweeps it towards deep square leg for a four!January18202109:00 (IST)FOUR!Sundar bowls a full delivery, outside off. Smith gets a thick outside edge, and it goes down to the third man fence for a four!January18202108:57 (IST)DROPPED AGAIN!Siraj sends a length delivery. Smith drives it straight at Siraj, and he can't hold it in the followthrough!January18202108:53 (IST)One run, Steve Smith reaches his half-century!Smith sends this Sundar delivery off his pads to backward of square for a single. He reaches his 50 from 67 balls.January18202108:50 (IST)DROPPPED!Smith goes down the track and tries to send this Sundar delivery over long-on. Siraj misjudges it and jumps to take the catch, but sends it over the rope. DROPPED!HAS THE SERIES BEEN GIFTED TO AUSTRALIA NOW?January18202108:41 (IST)FOUR! Australia: 173/4 (48), lead by 206 runsSmith attacks this Sundar delivery with much aplomb. He goes down the track and drives it to the deep extra cover fence for a four!January18202108:34 (IST)Three runsNatarajan bowls a length delivery, outside off. Green uses the face of his bat to guide it down to deep backward point for three runs.January18202108:27 (IST)FOUR!Thakur bowls a short delivery, outside off. Smith pulls it in front of square for a four!January18202108:21 (IST)One runA short delivery by Thakur, outside off. Smith drives it square to deep point. One run.January18202108:20 (IST)Two runsNatarajan bowls round the wicket, on the stumps. Smith glances it to long and takes a double.January18202108:14 (IST)No run, Australia: 149/4, lead by 182 runsThakur delivers it wider, outside off. Green leaves it alone.January18202108:12 (IST)No runThakur sends it back of a length. Green leaves it.January18202108:10 (IST)The action resumes!Steve Smith and Cameron Green to resume batting for Australia. Shardul Thakur to resume proceedings for India.January18202107:32 (IST)No run, Australia: 149/4, lead by 182 runs | Lunch breakNatarajan sends a length delivery, outside off. Smith tries to cut it but doesn't time it well. No run.The umpires call for lunch, with Australia leading by 182 runs.January18202107:30 (IST)FOUR!Natarajan sends a length delivery, in front of Smith's body. Smith pulls it square on the leg-side and gets a four!January18202107:27 (IST)FOUR!Saini bowls a short delivery, angling down the leg side. Smith shuffles and tries to pull it. He gets an inside edge and it goes to the fine leg fence. FOUR!January18202107:22 (IST)No run, big appeal!!Natarajan sends a length ball, in from wide of the crease. Green goes ahead but misses it. It hits his knee roll. India appeal, but the umpire denies it. Rahane reviews it. The third umpire confirms it hit the knee roll and there is no bat to it. Umpire's call on impact and the ball is missing the wicket. India lose a review.

Green survives – and India lose a review #AUSvIND— (@cricketcomau) January 18, 2021January18202107:15 (IST)FOUR!A short and wide delivery by Saini. Smith goes for it but gets beaten. He edges it and it flies wide of the slip cordon for a four!January18202107:09 (IST)No runSaini bowls a short delivery, just outside off. Green guides it towards cover. No run.January18202107:02 (IST)One run, Australia: 130/4, lead by 163 runsSundar bowls a good length delivery, on leg stump. Smith glances it into the leg side on the turn. One run.January18202106:55 (IST)No run, Australia: 127/4, lead by 160 runsSiraj bowls a good length delivery, on and around off stump. Green defends it on the front foot.January18202106:51 (IST)OUT! Matthew Wade c Rishabh Pant b Mohammed Siraj 0 (3)Siraj bowls a full delivery, on the pads. Wade tries to flick it, but inside edges it to Pant. Pant dives to his right to hold it.In comes, Cameron Green.January18202106:44 (IST)OUT!! Marnus Labuschagne c Rohit Sharma b Mohammed Siraj 25 (22)Siraj sends a length delivery, and Labuschagne gets cramped up in the crease. He tries to defend, but it goes straight to Rohit at second slip. Good catch!In comes, Matthew Wade.January18202106:41 (IST)FOUR!Siraj sends a short ball, outside off. Labuschagne guides it past second slip for a four!January18202106:39 (IST)FOUR!A length ball by Sundar. Labuschagne goes ahead and smacks it over deep mid-on for a four!January18202106:36 (IST)FOUR! Australia: 111/2 (29), lead by 144 runsA low full toss by Thakur, down leg side. Labuschagne glances it past Pant for a four!January18202106:35 (IST)FOUR!A length delivery by Thakur, on the stumps. Labuschagne drives it between the non-striker and mid-on. Saini gave a chase and pulled it back just from the boundary ropes. On inspection, the third umpire gives Australia the four!January18202106:31 (IST)Three runsA length delivery by Sundar on leg stump. Smith swings his bat and guides it over midwicket. Three runs.January18202106:30 (IST)FOUR!A short delivery by Sundar. Labuschagne goes on the back foot to send it past slip for a four!January18202106:22 (IST)OUT! David Warner lbw b Washington Sundar 48 (75)An arm ball by Sundar, sliding on from off. It hits Warner’s thigh pads in front of off stump. The Indians appeal and the umpire goes in their favour. Warner reviews it the DRS has three reds.In comes, Steve Smith.January18202106:15 (IST)OUT! Marcus Harris c Rishabh Pant b Shardul Thakur 38 (82)A short ball by Thakur, over middle and leg. Harries tries to duck but gets a glove as it goes through to Pant.In comes, Marnus Labuschagne.January18202106:12 (IST)FOUR!A short ball by Thakur, on off stump. Warner pulls it through square leg for a four!January18202106:07 (IST)No run, Australia: 84/0, lead by 117 runsThakur bowls a full delivery, at off stump. Warner defends it to mid-off. No run.January18202106:00 (IST)FOUR!A full ball by Harris, outside off. Thakur drives it on the front foot, wide of mid-off for a four!January18202105:58 (IST)One runA full delivery by Thakur. Warner sends it square into off side for a single.January18202105:52 (IST)Two runsA good length delivery, outside off by Thakur. Harris drives it into the gap wide of cover for two runs.January18202105:49 (IST)FOUR!Sundar adds width to his delivery. Harris uses it to cut it past short third man and into the boundary for a four!January18202105:47 (IST)Three runsA full delivery by Sundar, at off stump. Warner guides it through midwicket. Three runs.January18202105:42 (IST)One runSundar bowls a full delivery, at off stump. Harris slices it to deep cover for a single.

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