The 5 Best Adobe Illustrator Alternatives for Linux

        Do you want to create stunning illustrations on your Linux machine? On Windows, Adobe products prove to be the best when it comes to graphic denews24nation. But, finding an ideal application for denews24nationing vectors on Linux is a tough job.

        As a Linux user, you have so many choices available that it becomes really hard to select the most suitable app for your needs. And that is why we have enlisted some of the best vector graphics software that you can download on your Linux system for free.

                What Is Vector Graphics Software?

        Simply put, Vector Graphic Apps help users in denews24nationing vector images using mathematical and geometrical concepts. These applications provide all the necessary tools that you need in order to denews24nation fascinating illustrations on your computer.

        Vector images constitute a Cartesian plane which includes various points joined together by lines and strokes to form different shapes. These images usually have the following extensions---SVG, PDF, AI, and EPS.

        The primary advantage of using vector images over Raster images is that they can be easily scaled up to any resolution without losing quality. This means that even if you zoom in on a vector image, you will still get the same level of quality and crispness in your denews24nations.

        Several browser-based Adobe Illustrator alternatives are also available on the internet. These websites are useful when you want to quickly edit and create vector images without installing any software on your system.

        But for those who want a stable application for denews24nationing vectors, here's the list of the best graphic denews24nationing software that you can use on Linux.

        With a wide variety of editing tools and features, Inkscape stands out to be a great open-source vector graphics software for Linux. The user interface of the application is clean and straightforward. You will not face any issues while navigating and searching for tools.

        Inkscape provides support for a number of file extensions---SVG, PNG, OpenDocument Drawings, DXF, sk1, PDF, EPS, and PostScripts. It also allows you to easily import denews24nations created with other software. For customizing the interface, you can also install add-ons to Inkscape.

        Starting with the canvas dimensions is easy. Inkscape offers you many templates to choose from and you can set up your working area with just one click. You can also implement the power of layering in your projects with Inkscape.

        Pencil and pen tools, calligraphy brushes, shape tools, color selector, gradient fill, etc., are some of the tools that you can use on Inkscape.

        You can download Inkscape on your Linux in the terminal.

        On Debian:

                    sudo apt-get install inkscape

        On Arch:

                    pacman -S inkscape

        Gravit is a full-fledged denews24nation tool used by professional illustrators, graphic denews24nationers, and UI/UX denews24nationers. It's an all-in-one application for you if you are seriously into denews24nationing and prototyping.

        Although you can use Gravit for free, they offer the premium version as a trial when you create an account for the first time. You will get access to all the Pro features for 15 days. The premium version of the app costs $50/year and is really good value for the price.

        Gravit has a minimal user interface that ensures easy navigation between tabs and layers. It comes with all the latest denews24nationing tools that you need while creating vector images.

        The app allows you to create web denews24nations, illustrations, social media banners, etc. You can also choose a canvas size from the large collection of templates while starting a new project.

        On Debian-based distributions, you can install Gravit using Snap Store or Flathub.

        On Arch-based distributions, enter:

                    yay -S gravit-denews24nationer-bin

        Note that you'll require the Yay package manager to download Gravit as Pacman doesn't support downloading packages from the Arch User Repository.

        As the name suggests, Vectr is another great application that helps in denews24nationing high-quality vector images on a Linux system. Although you can install Vectr on your computer for free, it is not an open-source application.

        You can create 2D graphics, posters, logos, banners, and various other denews24nations with the app. If you do not want to install anything on your system, then you can use Vectr on your internet browser as well.

        The toolbar consists of all the tools and utilities that are required by a user. You will find rectangle, ellipse, and various other shape tools right at your disposal.

        Vectr's support for file extensions is pretty limited. You can only export your files with PNG, JPG, or SVG extensions. However, the real-time collaborative feature in Vectr covers up for that.

        You can share your denews24nations and graphics on social media directly from the app. It also offers you filters and backgrounds that you can add to your project. All in all, Vectr is an amazing application for beginners.

        You can install Vectr either from the Snap Store or the terminal.

                    snap install vectr

        Note that you need to have snapd installed on your system to execute the command.

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        LibreOffice is a renowned software suite that comes with many powerful tools associated with office and productivity. LibreOffice Draw is one such tool that provides helpful utilities required for denews24nationing vectors and illustrations.

        Draw provides you with complete control over the application toolbar. You can arrange the tools according to preference. Also, the Style and Formatting box lets you put your favorite effects and filters just one click away.

        Apart from illustrations, you can use Draw to create graphical charts, network diagrams, and various other data visualizations. You can use 3D objects in your projects as well. Grouping, cropping, and manipulating these objects is also possible with LibreOffice Draw.

        To install Draw on your system, you will have to download the whole LibreOffice suite. You can easily install it from your terminal as follows.

        On Debian:

                    sudo apt-get install libreoffice

        On Arch:

                    pacman -S libreoffice

        If you are a vector denews24nationer who prioritizes color accuracy over fancy features, then SK1 might be the best application for you. It comes with a powerful color-management engine that helps you in creating the best denews24nations by ensuring that the colors are properly separated.

        SK1 is an open-source application that is available for a variety of platforms including Windows and Linux. Some of the notable features of this software are multi-page content support, CMYK color separations, ICC color management, precise printing, and PDF output.

        You can download SK1 on your Linux system from the SK1 website.

        Download: SK1 (Free)

                Denews24nationing Vectors on Linux

        There are so many choices when it comes to graphic denews24nationing software for a Linux system. We've looked at some of the best apps that you can use to create vectors and illustrations on your computer:




                    LibreOffice Draw


        For beginners, getting started with vector denews24nationing is a tough nut to crack. Just keep in mind that it will take some practice to master this skill, no matter which software you're using.

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