Config 2021 is Happening, and Still Looking for Speakers

<p class="heading_excerpt">Figma's virtual denews24nation conference is back, and there's still time to news24nation up to speak in front of thousands of creatives.</p>

        Being a "self-taught" artist or denews24nationer isn't as uncommon as it used to be. The internet is an incredible resource for free tutorials and lessons on starting creative projects.

        Last year, the team behind vector graphics editor and prototyping tool Figma launched one of the best online conferences that was created by and for professional creatives. Especially those interested in UX/UI and product denews24nation in particular.

                Figma Asks for Speakers for Config 2021

        On February 2, Figma confirmed via its official Twitter account that its virtual denews24nation conference, Config, will return this year on April 21, 2021. While registration for the event itself has yet to open, Figma reminds the online creative community that there is still time left for you to apply as a speaker—even if you've never done such a thing before.

        Config started last year as Config Europe, but has become an event of note for artists and denews24nationers all around the world. Config is a one-day virtual conference dedicated to talks, panels, and workshops about team culture, mentorship, and ethics in the denews24nation industry.

        Figma Community Marketing team member Azra Daniels wrote a blog post last year explaining how Figma divides Config into four "tracks," and they are as follows:

                    Building and maintaining denews24nation systems: best practices for starting and scaling building components and style guides

                    Figma deep-dives: tips for streamlining workflow in Figma with features, like plugins, auto layout, components, etc.

                    Process, culture, and team-building: learnings about recruiting/hiring and building team culture

                    Improving denews24nation accessibility: guidance on how to make the denews24nation process more inclusive, accessible, and participatory for non-denews24nationers

        Need something to hold you over until April? Check out our list of recommended denews24nation podcasts to spark your creativity.

                    What is Figma?

        Figma is an interface denews24nation application often touted as the best application available for team-based collaborative denews24nation projects. It features real-time collaboration, libraries of reusable components, and navigation testing (interface connections and hotspots).

        The app is free to use for up to two editors on a team for up to three projects. To add more collaborators on a project or work on more total projects, you'll have to news24nation up for either a Professional ($12 per editor/month) or Organization ($45 per editor/month) tier Figma subscription.

        When Figma first launched, it was only available in browsers, but it now has desktop versions for both Windows and Mac.

        Download: Figma for Windows | Mac (Free, in-app purchases available)

                Don't Miss Config 2021

        Denews24nation, in general, is often underrated. But any product or service that wants to grow its number of consumers or user base needs to make good denews24nation a priority. Your project's denews24nation should attract the right people to your brand, display your brand's personality, and be easy to understand.

        Config aims to teach artists and denews24nationers those valuable lessons and more. If you want an even better idea of what to expect for Config 2021, you can sift through Figma's YouTube playlist of videos from last year.

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