IND vs ENG, 2nd Test, Day 3 Live Score: Virat Kohli, Ravichandran Ashwin Take Indias Lead Past 350-Run Mark

                                        IND vs ENG Live: Virat Kohli, R Ashwin during Day 3 of the 2nd Test match in Chennai.© BCCI

Despite losing quick wickets in the pre-Lunch session, India lead by more than 350 runs against England, on Day 3 of the ongoing second Test match, at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. Virat Kohli, who is currently unbeaten, has built a steady partnership with Ravichandran Ashwin. The home side lost five wickets in the early stages of Day 3, with Cheteshwar Pujara, Rohit Sharma, Rishabh Pant, Ajinkya Rahane and Axar Patel leaving for the pavilion. The hosts bowled out England for 134 in the first innings on Day 2, thanks to Ravichandran Ashwin’s five-wicket haul. The hosts will be aiming to add more runs to the scoreboard, and set a huge target for England. (LIVE SCORECARD)

2nd Test, Day 3 Live Cricket Score Updates Between India (IND) vs England (ENG), Straight From MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai

February15202112:59 (IST)FOUR! Ravichandran Ashwin reaches his half-century!A short delivery by Stone, outside off. Ashwin makes room and finds the cover point boundary for a four! HALF-CENTURY FOR ASHWIN!February15202112:54 (IST)FOUR!A short and wider delivery by Leach. Ashwin, in fine form, smacks it to the right of backward point for a four!February15202112:50 (IST)No runA short delivery by Stone, in the corridor. Kohli defends it to point.February15202112:50 (IST)Two runsBack of a length by Stone, to off stump. Kohli guides it to the left of long leg for two runs.February15202112:42 (IST)One runAli tosses it from outside off. Kohli works it to the gap in the right of short leg for a single.February15202112:42 (IST)One run, Virat Kohli reaches his half-century!Back of a length by Ali, wide of off. Kohli guides it away through square leg for a single. He reaches his half-century! EXCELLENT INNINGS!February15202112:36 (IST)No run, IND: 171/6 | Lead by 466 runsLeach tosses it full, on middle and leg. Ashwin defends it to covers.February15202112:31 (IST)FOUR!Ali tosses it up, outside off. Kohli puts his front leg to the leg side of the delivery, and sweeps it over backward square leg for a four!February15202112:25 (IST)FOUR! SHOT!Ali tosses it up, outside off stump. Kohli drives it wide of mid-off. WHAT A SHOT! FOUR!February15202112:17 (IST)One runAli tosses it, from outside off. Ashwin goes back and guides it to the left of backward square leg for a single.February15202112:16 (IST)The actions resumes!Virat Kohli and Ravichandran Ashwin to resume batting for India. Moeen Ali will bowl for England.February15202111:37 (IST)Two runs, IND: 156/6 | Lead by 351 runsLawrence once again overpitches his delivery, outside off. Kohli uses his wrists to drive it through extra cover for two runs.After 48 overs, India are 156 for six, and lead by 351 runs.February15202111:36 (IST)Three runsAn overpitched delivery by Lawrence, outside off. Ashwin drives it behind point. Three runs. The umpire has also warned Kohli for running on the pitch.February15202111:32 (IST)One runLawrence tosses a full toss, outside off. Ashwin guides it to the left of mid-off for a single.February15202111:27 (IST)One runRoot tosses it up, in middle. Kohli hits it to long-on. One run.February15202111:27 (IST)FOUR!Not a good delivery by Root. Kohli smacks it fine of backward square leg for a four!February15202111:22 (IST)DROPPED BY BEN STOKES!A full delivery by Broad, outside off. Ashwin edges it, and it is dropped by Stokes from slip. One run.February15202111:19 (IST)FOUR!A full delivery by Broad. Ashwin guides it to the right of long leg. Leach slides in to pull it back, but his body edges the boundary. FOUR!February15202111:15 (IST)No runLeach tosses it up, on off. Kohli defends it to cover. No run.February15202111:11 (IST)FOUR!Root tosses it up on leg stump. Ashwin sweeps it over backward square leg for a four!February15202111:07 (IST)FOUR!A flat delivery by Leach, on off stump. Ashwin sweeps it to the left of backward square leg for a four!February15202111:02 (IST)Three runs, top shot!Leach tosses it up on middle stump. Ashwin gets close to the pitch and sends it over Broad at mid-on. Broad chases and slides at the boundary to pull it away. Three runs.February15202110:54 (IST)FOUR! SHOT!A short delivery by Leach, wide outside off. Kohli goes back in the crease to smack it to the right of backward point for a four!February15202110:50 (IST)FOUR! IND: 114/6 | Lead by 309 runsA length delivery by Ali, wider of off. Ashwin tries to reverse sweep it, but then scoops it to the right of slip for a four!February15202110:48 (IST)FOUR!A full delivery by Ali, wider of off. Ashwin sweeps it flat to the midwicket boundary for a four!February15202110:46 (IST)OUT! Axar Patel lbw b Moeen Ali 7 (18)A length delivery by Ali, and it straightens to beat Axar, who tries to defend it on the front foot. It his his back pad, and there is no bat involved. The umpire gives out, and the review goes in England's favour.In comes, Ravichandran Ashwin.February15202110:42 (IST)FOUR!A full toss floated on middle by Leach. Kohli smacks it to the left of square leg for a four!February15202110:40 (IST)FOUR! IND: 102/5 | Lead by 297 runsA short delivery by Ali. Axar uses the length to smack it to the right of short leg for a four!February15202110:38 (IST)One runA shorter delivery by Leach. Axar glances it through square leg for a single.February15202110:32 (IST)No run, IND: 97/5 | Lead by 292 runsAli tosses it up, from middle. Kohli inside edges it to the ground. No run.India lead by 292 runs.February15202110:27 (IST)FOUR! WHAT A SHOT!Leach tosses it up, on middle and leg. Kohli punches it to the left of mid-on for a four! CLASS SHOT!February15202110:25 (IST)Three runsA short and wider delivery by Leach. Kohli cuts it away between backward point and cover point for three runs.February15202110:21 (IST)OUT!!! Ajinkya Rahane c Ollie Pope b Moeen Ali 10 (14)Ali's delivery bounces up sharply, and Rahane inside edges it into his pad as he tries to defend it. The balls goes up into the leg side and Pope takes a diving catch.In walks, Axar Patel.February15202110:18 (IST)FOUR!Leach tosses up a slow delivery, outside off. Kohli defends it with an open bat, and sends it wide of slip for a four! Stones goes from backward point, and tries to sop it with a slide, but fails to do so.February15202110:14 (IST)FOUR!A short delivery by Ali, down leg. Rahane pulls it into the gap to the left of deep square leg.February15202110:14 (IST)FOUR!A full toss by Ali, on off stump. Rahane smacks it between cover and mid-off for a four!February15202110:11 (IST)Three runsLeach tosses it up, outside off. Kohli tries to drive it, but it goes in the air, and Burns misses it by a dive at short extra cover. Three runs.February15202110:06 (IST)4 leg byesAli sends a length ball, spinning into the stumps. Kohli goes on the backfoot, and it seems to come off the middle of his bat. But the umpire gives leg byes.February15202110:02 (IST)OUT! Rishabh Pant st Ben Foakes b Jack Leach 8 (11)Leach tosses it up, outside off. Pant tries to hit it over long-on, but inside edges it. Foakes does the rest. Misjudged by Pant.In walks, Ajinkya Rahane.February15202110:00 (IST)FOUR!Leach tosses it up, outside off. Pant tries to sweep, but gloves it fine over the wicketkeeper's gloves for a four! 

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