Google Adding Dark Mode to 2FA Prompt on Android

<p class="heading_excerpt">If you're a dark mode enthusiast, this update is for you.</p>

        Dark mode enthusiasts are in for a treat today, as Android is getting a dark theme for its two-factor authentication prompt. This means logging in with 2FA will no longer mess up your phone's dark mode with a hideous light-themed screen whenever you need to login somewhere.

                Dark Mode Two-Factor Authentication

        The team at 9to5Google has discovered the 2FA prompt in dark mode on Android rolling out to some users. It takes the same "Is it you trying to news24nation in" prompt and makes drenches it in a dark gray theme that'll be easy on your eyes and not so jarring when compared to the rest of your phone.

        Outside of adding dark mode, the 2FA prompt has also received a little tweak. The buttons have been given a bit of separation to make it easier to hit the right one when you're trying to news24nation in to one of your accounts.

        A tiny tweak comes to the text, as Google has properly capitalized the text, giving it a more professional look than it had before.

                When Can You Get Dark Mode on 2FA?

        Google started rolling out the dark mode theme to its 2FA prompt last week, so you should have it available on your device now. Just turn on the dark mode theme, and you should be good to go. If you don't see it yet, you'll need to wait a bit longer, as Google is working on bringing it to all devices.

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