iOS 14.5 Adds Over 200 New Emoji, Including Vaccine and AirPods Max

<p class="heading_excerpt">Coming in a few weeks, Apple's software updates will add 270+ new or changed emoji to the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.</p>

        Apple's iOS 14.5 update brings over 200 new or changed emoji to your iPhone. You can use these new emoticons to spice up your messaging game, with a vaccine-friendly syringe, heart on fire, mending heart, exhaling face, face in clouds, spiral eyes, and more.

        Emojipedia has detailed the new emoji coming with iOS 14.5 and other Apple updates. iOS 14.5 also lets you unlock the iPhone with an Apple Watch while wearing a mask.

                AirPods Max and Other Tweaked Emoji

        Do you own Apple's $549 AirPods Max? If so, iOS 14.5 has you covered with an updated version of the generic headphone emoji resembling the luxurious over-ear headphones. Apple previously branded other generic emoji, including the computer, phone, and watch.

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        Another great example of an existing emoji that has been refreshed is the syringe. In iOS 14.5, the emoticon no longer shows the blood inside. Not only is it now vaccine-friendly but more suitable for illustrating COVID-19 vaccination, too.

                Making Emoji More Inclusive

        The iOS 14.5 update makes couples emoji more inclusive with all-new skin tone choices as part of the Emoji 13.1 specification. And for facial hair fans, one of the new emoji is the woman with a beard (joining the man with a beard, which was added last year).

                When Can I Use the New Emoji?

        The new emoji are included in the latest iOS 14.5 beta. If you're a registered Apple developer, you can download the beta via Apple's Developer website. Members of the general public will be able to try out the new emoticons when the iOS 14.5 public beta drops in a few days.

        Everyone else will have their chance to take these for a spin once iOS 14.5 and other Apple software updates release for public consumption around the spring. With the updates installed on your devices, you can start using the new emoticons in your messages, emails, social media posts, and so forth by invoking the stock Emoji keyboard.

        Apple rolls out new emoji support across the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch devices so you'll also need the upcoming new iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS Big Sur updates.

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