The hospital administration, however, has denied the allegationBhopal: A woman who had come to a Madhya Pradesh hospital for treatment on Thursday, was allegedly dragged around 300 metres through mud and thrown out of the premises by a security guard. After photographs of the act were viral on social media, the hospital administration has sacked the man.The incident took place at Khargone, around 320 kilometres from Bhopal.The widely circulated photos show the man in blue uniform dragging the listless woman – who appears to be in her mid-thirties – by her hand.The hospital administration, however, has denied the allegation.”The woman was mentally unstable. Somebody had dropped her without informing the hospital authorities…she had been misbehaving, abusing the staff…so the officials asked the security guard to take her away… she, however, sat at the gate, blocking the entrance. So, when an ambulance arrived, the security guard just removed her…there was no dragging,” Dr Divyesh Verma, the civil surgeon of the district, told NDTV.