Report: Clubhouse Doubled Its Downloads in Two Weeks

<p class="heading_excerpt">Clubhouse may be invite-only, but that hasn't hindered its growth whatsoever.</p>

        The scarcity principle says that the more rare or unattainable something is, the more valuable it is. When you find out that something is exclusive, you might find yourself urgently curious. You want to know all about what exactly you're missing out on.

        That curiosity is fueling millions of iPhone users around the globe to download Clubhouse. The app's boasting some incredible numbers.

                Clubhouse Is More Popular Than You Think

        Clubhouse is an audio chat social networking app. Despite that fact that its in prelaunch and thus is invite-only, App Annie estimates that Clubhouse's global downloads grew from 3.5 million to 8.1 million during February 1-16.

        About 2.6 million of the recent downloads were in the United States. Not only that, but at the time of writing, Clubhouse is ranked #5 globally in the Social Networking category of the App Store.

        Clubhouse's sharp growth is likely thanks to the appearances of several noteworthy guests, such as Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

        Speaking of Zuckerberg, these these statistics seem to prove that his keen eye for social media was right again. App Annie says that other apps similar to Clubhouse, such as Dizhua, Tiya and Yalla, have also gained downloads in recent days.

        No wonder Facebook is reportedly making its own product to compete with Clubhouse. You could argue that Clubhouse's popularity is also what caused Twitter to introduce Spaces.

                Will You Download Clubhouse Too?

        It's intriguing seeing just how many people want to join Clubhouse so badly—downloading the app even when it's completely useless without an invite from an existing member.

        Of course, when something is immensely popular, it is also met with news24nationificant criticism. Some netizens claim Clubhouse to host boring conversations, or that it just feeds "hustle culture." We'll have to wait and see whether the app's new growth is actually sustainable.

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