IPL 2021 schedule: Complete fixtures list, venues, dates, timings

Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 will begin in Chennai from April 9. The defending champion Mumbai Indians will take on Royal Challengers Bangalore at the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium. The playoffs and the final will be held at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

All matches will be played at neutral venues. Each team will play at only four out of the six venues during the league phase.

There will be total 11 double headers, where the afternoon games will begin at 3:30 PM IST while the evening games will have a 7:30 PM IST start. The tournament will be played behind closed doors to begin with.

DATE & DAYMATCHTIME (IST)VENUEApril 9, FridayMumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore7:30 PMChennaiApril 10, SaturdayChennai Super Kings vs Delhi Capitals7:30 PMMumbaiApril 11, SundaySunrisers Hyderabad vs Kolkata Knight Riders7:30 PMChennaiApril 12, MondayRajasthan Royals vs Punjab Kings7:30 PMMumbaiApril 13, TuesdayKolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians7:30 PMChennaiApril 14, WednesdaySunrisers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers Bangalore7:30 PMChennaiApril 15, ThursdayRajasthan Royals vs Delhi Capitals7:30 PMMumbaiApril 16, FridayPunjab Kings vs Chennai Super Kings7:30 PMMumbaiApril 17, SaturdayMumbai Indians vs Sunrisers Hyderabad7:30 PMChennaiApril 18, SundayRoyal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders3:30 PMChennaiApril 18, SundayDelhi Capitals vs Punjab Kings7:30 PMMumbaiApril 19, MondayChennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals7:30 PMMumbaiApril 20, TuesdayDelhi Capitals vs Mumbai Indians7:30 PMChennaiApril 21, WednesdayPunjab Kings vs Sunrisers Hyderabad3:30 PMChennaiApril 21, WednesdayKolkata Knight Riders vs Chennai Super Kings7:30 PMMumbaiApril 22, ThursdayRoyal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan Royals7:30 PMMumbaiApril 23, FridayPunjab Kings vs Mumbai Indians7:30 PMChennaiApril 24, SaturdayRajasthan Royals vs Kolkata Knight Riders7:30 PMMumbaiApril 25, SundayChennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore3:30 PMMumbaiApril 25, SundaySunrisers Hyderabad vs Delhi Capitals7:30 PMChennaiApril 26, MondayPunjab Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders7:30 PMAhmedabadApril 27, TuesdayDelhi Capitals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore7:30 PMAhmedabadApril 28, WednesdayChennai Super Kings vs Sunrisers Hyderabad7:30 PMDelhiApril 29, ThursdayMumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals3:30 PMDelhiApril 29, ThursdayDelhi Capitals vs Kolkata Knight Riders7:30 PMAhmedabadApril 30, FridayPunjab Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore7:30 PMAhmedabadMay 1, SaturdayMumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings7:30 PMDelhiMay 2, SundayRajasthan Royals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad3:30 PMDelhiMay 2, SundayPunjab Kings Vs Delhi Capitals7:30 PMAhmedabadMay 3, MondayKolkata Knight Riders vs Royal Challengers Bangalore7:30 PMAhmedabadMay 4, TuesdaySunrisers Hyderabad vs Mumbai Indians7.30 PMDelhiMay 5, WednesdayRajasthan Royals vs Chennai Super Kings7.30 PMDelhiMay 6, ThursdayRoyal Challengers Bangalore vs Punjab Kings7.30 PMAhmedabadMay 7, FridaySunrisers Hyderabad v Chennai Super Kings7.30 PMDelhiMay 8, SaturdayKolkata Knight Riders v Delhi Capitals3.30 PMAhmedabadMay 8, SaturdayRajasthan Royals v Mumbai Indians7.30 PMDelhiMay 9, SundayChennai Super Kings v Punjab Kings3.30 PMBengaluruMay 9, SundayRoyal Challengers Bangalore v Sunrisers Hyderabad7.30 PMKolkataMay 10, MondayMumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders7.30 PMBengaluruMay 11, TuesdayDelhi Capitals v Rajasthan Royals7.30 PMKolkataMay 12, WednesdayChennai Super Kings v Kolkata Knight Riders7.30 PMBengaluruMay 13, ThursdayMumbai Indians v Punjab Kings3.30 PMBengaluruMay 13, ThursdaySunrisers Hyderabad v Rajasthan Royals7.30 PMKolkataMay 14, FridayRoyal Challengers Bangalore v Delhi Capitals7.30 PMKolkataMay 15, SaturdayKolkata Knight Riders v Punjab Kings7.30 PMBengaluruMay 16, SundayRajasthan Royals v Royal Challengers Bangalore3.30 PMKolkataMay 16, SundayChennai Super Kings v Mumbai Indians7.30 PMBengaluruMay 17, MondayDelhi Capitals v Sunrisers Hyderabad7.30 PMKolkataMay 18, TuesdayKolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals3.30 PMBengaluruMay 19, WednesdaySunrisers Hyderabad v Punjab Kings3.30 PMBengaluruMay 20, ThursdayRoyal Challengers Bangalore v Mumbai Indians7.30 PMKolkataMay 21, FridayKolkata Knight Riders v Sunrisers Hyderabad3.30 PMBengaluruMay 21, FridayDelhi Capitals v Chennai Super Kings7.30 PMKolkataMay 22, SaturdayPunjab Kings v Rajasthan Royals7.30 PMBengaluruMay 23, SundayMumbai Indians v Delhi Capitals3.30 PMKolkataMay 23, SundayRoyal Challengers Bangalore v Chennai Super Kings7.30 PMKolkataMay 25, TuesdayQUALIFIER 17.30 PMAhmedabadMay 26, WednesdayELIMINATOR7.30 PMAhmedabadMay 28, FridayQUALIFIER 27.30 PMAhmedabadMay 30, SundayFINAL7.30 PMAhmedabad