Ring Launches Three New Outdoor Home Security Devices

<p class="heading_excerpt">The Ring Outdoor Smart Plug, the Ring Wall Light Solar, and the Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren are joining the Ring lineup.</p>

        Ring is adding more accessories to its family of smart home security devices. The company unveiled three new products built specifically for outdoor use: the Ring Outdoor Smart Plug, the Ring Wall Light Solar, and the Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren.

        Let's break down the main features and specs of each device.

                Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren

        The new Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren can be mounted outside your home. If there's an emergency, the over 100dB siren will sound, and its built-in LEDs will begin flashing. It's a great way to scare intruders off, and can make it easier for first responders to find your home.

                Image Credit: Ring

        You have a few different options when it comes to powering this device; you can either use the included D-cell batteries, hardwire it to a power source, or connect it to a Ring Solar Panel. The Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren is priced at $89.99, and preorders will ship on March 31, 2021.

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                Ring Wall Light Solar

        Ring also unveiled the Wall Light Solar, which is exactly what it sounds like: a wall-mounted light that's powered by solar energy. It's perfect for mounting above your garage, on a fence, or on the side of your house. The best part is, there are no wires or electrical outlets needed for setup.

                Image Credit: Ring

        It provides over 800 lumens of white light, and when paired with the Ring Bridge, you can customize lighting settings right from the Ring smartphone app. This lets you adjust motion sensor sensitivity, change the brightness, as well as turn the light on or off. The Wall Light Solar costs $59.99, and preorders ship out on April 7, 2021.

                Ring Outdoor Smart Plug

        Lastly, Ring revealed the impressive Outdoor Smart Plug. This nifty device allows you to control all of your outdoor lights and appliances from a single hub.

                Image Credit: Ring

        Like the Wall Light Solar, the Outdoor Smart Plug also requires the Ring Bridge. Once coupled with the Bridge, you can use the Ring app to set lighting schedules, and even turn your lights on and off when you're away from home.

        The weather-resistant plug can power two devices at a time, so you'll need more than one if you plan on controlling multiple lighting systems around your yard. The price sits at $29, and preorders are expected to ship on April 7, 2021.

                Complete Your Ring Ecosystem

        Ring is known for its smart doorbells, but its ever-growing lineup proves that Ring products can be used for many different purposes. Having a Ring Doorbell paired with the Alarm Outdoor Siren and the indoor Alarm Security System can make for a robust, yet easy-to-install home security system.

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