IND vs ENG, 2nd ODI Highlights: Jonny Bairstow, Ben Stokes Power England To Series-Levelling Win

                                        IND vs ENG: Ben Stokes, Jonny Bairstow during the second ODI, at the MCA Stadium in Pune.© AFP

England defeated India by six wickets in the second ODI, at the MCA Stadium in Pune, on Friday. The visitors also levelled the series, 1-1. Chasing a target of 337 runs, openers Jason Roy and Jonny Bairstow started brilliantly for the visitors, piling continuous pressure on Indian bowlers. Roy slammed 55 runs before his departure due to a run out. Bairstow was well-supported by Ben Stokes, and scored 124 off 112 balls. Stokes missed out on a century, losing his wicket after scoring 99 runs. Dawid Malan (16) and debutant Liam Livingstone (27) remained unbeaten to help their side seal a win, finishing at 337 for four in 43.3 overs. India’s bowling order put in a poor display, with Prasidh Krishna taking two wickets and Bhuvneshwar Kumar registering a dismissal. Earlier, the hosts wrapped up their first innings at 336 for six in 20 overs, with KL Rahul scoring a ton (108 off 114). Virat Kohli (66) and Rishabh Pant (77) also made noteworthy contributions, but couldn’t prevent a defeat for their side. Reece Topley and Tom Curran took two wickets for England. Meanwhile, Sam Curran and Adil Rashid registered a dismissal each. (SCORECARD)

2nd ODI Live Score Updates Between India (IND) vs England (ENG), Straight From Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune

March26202121:27 (IST)Two runs, ENGLAND LEVEL THE SERIES!A short ball by Thakur, and Malan pulls it to deep square leg for two runs.England win by six wickets with 39 balls remaining!March26202121:26 (IST)Four byesA no ball by Thakur, and five wides is awarded to England. Also a free hit!March26202121:19 (IST)No runBack of a length by Prasidh, and Malan fails to connect his cut. No run.March26202121:17 (IST)FOUR!Malan outside edges this delivery by Bhuvneshwar and it goes past Pant to the third man fence for a four!March26202121:15 (IST)One runA length delivery by Bhuvneshwar, and Livingstone taps it to long-on for a single.England need 16 from 53 balls!March26202121:07 (IST)One runBack of a length by Bhuvneshwar, outside off. Livingstone guides it to Kohli at cover. He misfields and allows a single.March26202121:05 (IST)SIX!A short delivery by Bhuvneshwar, and Livingstone pulls it with much aplomb over square leg. SIX!March26202121:05 (IST)SIX!A length delivery by Bhuvneshwar, outside off. Livingstone goes out and launches it over long-on for a six!March26202121:04 (IST)One run, ENG: 302/4 | TARGET: 337Kuldeep tosses it up, on the stumps. Livingstone guides it high to long-on for a single.England need 35 from 11 overs.March26202121:00 (IST)FOUR!Kuldeep tosses it short, and Livingstone pulls it to the midwicket boundary for a four!March26202120:57 (IST)One runA length ball by Krunal, and Livingstone hits it to long-on for a single.March26202120:53 (IST)OUT! Jos Buttler b Prasidh Krishna 0 (3)BRILLIANT YORKER!A quick yorker by Prasidh, and Buttler mistimes his defensive shot. The ball goes under the bat and hits the stumps.In walks, Liam Livingstone.March26202120:51 (IST)OUT! Jonny Bairstow c Virat Kohli b Prasidh Krishna 124 (112)A half volley by Prasidh, outside off. Bairstow tries to cover drive it, but it goes straight to Kohli at cover for a catch.In walks, Jos Buttler.March26202120:49 (IST)One run, ENG: 287/2 | TARGET: 337A full delivery by Bhuvneshwar, on off. Bairstow drives it through cover for a single.England need 50 from 14 overs now.March26202120:45 (IST)OUT! Ben Stokes c Rishabh Pant b Bhuvneshwar Kumar 99 (52)A short delivery by Bhuveshwar, down leg side. Stokes tries to pull it but gets a glove on it. It goes to Pant for a catch!Stokes misses his century!A GOOD DELIVERY BY BHUVNESHWAR, BUT A LITTLE TOO LATE!In walks, Dawid Malan.March26202120:43 (IST)FOUR!A full delivery by Bhuvneshwar, and Stokes hits it down the ground past the bowler. Rohit is there at long-on and runs to the straight boundary and dives to stop the ball. But he hurts himself and it goes to the boundary for a four!Rohit seems fine now though!March26202120:42 (IST)THAT WAS CLOSE!A good delivery by Prasidh, it goes under Bairstow bat, as he attempts to hit the yorker, on fifth stump line. He edges it to Pant for a catch.Soft news24national is not out, and review shows that it hit the ground first after he edged it.March26202120:40 (IST)FOUR!A bouncer by Prasidh, outside off. Bairstow pulls at it with ease and goes into the midwicket boundary for a four!March26202120:39 (IST)FOUR!A full toss by Prasidh, on off. Bairstow clears his front leg and smashes it right past the bowler for a four!March26202120:38 (IST)SIX! THATS SIMPLY BRILLIANT!A low full toss by Prasidh on the fifth stump line. Bairstow just waits for it and lofts it over extra cover for a beautiful six!March26202120:36 (IST)Two runs, ENG: 266/1 | TARGET: 337A wider delivery by Krunal, and Stokes edges it low past Pant. Two runs.England need 71 from 16 overs now.March26202120:35 (IST)SIX! MAJESTIC!Krunal tosses it up, and Stokes launches it over wide long-on with ease for another six!March26202120:34 (IST)SIX!Round the wicket from Krunal, and Stokes slog sweeps it at deep square leg for a six!March26202120:33 (IST)Two runsKrunal tosses it wider, and Stokes smacks it to the wide long-off boundary's edge. The fielder stops it brilliant. Two runs.March26202120:32 (IST)FOUR!A short delivery by Krunal, wider. Stokes drills it through wide long-off for a four!March26202120:31 (IST)SIX!Krunal tosses it short, and Stokes slams it over long-off for a six!Its an exhibition of sixes!March26202120:29 (IST)No run, ENG: 238/1 | TARGET: 337A poor delivery by Kuldeep, but Bairstow mistimes his pull. No run.England need 99 from 17 overs.March26202120:27 (IST)SIX! HAT-TRICK OF SIXES!Kuldeep tosses it up, and Stokes smacks it over his head once again, into the sightscreen for a six!ITS RAINING SIXES IN PUNE TONIGHT!March26202120:26 (IST)SIX!Kuldeep tosses it up, and Stokes launches it over the bowler for a six!March26202120:25 (IST)SIX!Kuldeep tosses it up, in the slot. Stokes goes down on one knee and launches it over leg side for a six!March26202120:24 (IST)FOUR!Back of a length by Thakur, and Bairstow mishits his pull shot, but it goes to the deep midwicket boundary for a four!March26202120:20 (IST)One run, Ben Stokes reaches his fifty!A full delivery by Thakur, and Stokes hits it back to the bowler. It deflects off his shins to mid-off. Stokes reaches his half-century!March26202120:19 (IST)One runShort of a length by Thakur, outside off. Bairstow glances it down to third man for a single.March26202120:16 (IST)FOUR!Kuldeep tosses it up, and Stokes carries it over mid-wicket for a four!March26202120:15 (IST)SIX!Kuldeep tosses it up, in Stokes' arc. He launches it over the bowler's head for a six!March26202120:11 (IST)SIX! JONNY BAIRSTOW BRINGS UP HIS TON!INCREDIBLE INNINGS BY BAIRSTOW!Kuldeep tosses it in his slot, and Bairstow drills it over deep midwicket to reach an amazing century off 95 balls!March26202120:06 (IST)FOUR!Thakur bowls a short delivery, and its wide. Stokes edges it through third man for a four!March26202120:03 (IST)SIX!Kuldeep tosses it up, in Bairstow's slot. He smacks it over mid-wicket for a huge six!March26202120:02 (IST)One runKuldeep tosses it short, outside off. Stokes guides it into covers for a single.March26202119:59 (IST)No runA short length delivery by Bhuvneshwar, around off. Bairstow hits it in front of short third man. No run. 

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