Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Let the movies transform and transport you in 2021, says Anupama Chopra

Gary Oldman in and as Mank. “This is a visually sumptuous, penetrating portrait of showbiz,” says Chopra.
Adventure. That’s what I’m seeking in 2021. But since the pandemic continues to ravage the world, budgets are limited and travelling options few. So...

Icons recast: Meet the artist breathing life into the Indus Valley

Among the digital recreations by illustrator Nikhil Shinde is the famous dancing girl from Harappa. She even gets her feet back, and on her ankles are elaborate ghungroos.
Ancient statues from the Indus Valley Civilisation have been reanimated in a new series of art works by a young illustrator from Mumbai, being...

Inked incognito: Here’s some of the best Covid-era street art from around the world

Shortly after restriction were relaxed in Australia, sand artist Edward was back at the beach making his colossal tributes to nature and wildlife. Giant whale tails are a recurring motif in his work.
It’s one of the few things on offer free, decidedly not for sale. It is so much art for art’s sake that the artist...

Lifting the curse: The Gaali Project aims to change how you swear

Once a word has made it into the Gaali Project repository, it is uploaded as a designed social media post or meme, the origins and meaning explained.
Tired of the fact that most curse words drag in innocent uninvolved parties, two Indian women are putting together a glossary of desi alternatives...

Give your eyes a break: Optical hacks to adopt today

Give your eyes a break: Optical hacks to adopt today
The eye is one of the most remarkable and most fragile organs in the body, and through this year, it has been under more...

Plants with special needs: Caring for potted carnivores

A Venus flytrap at the home of Payel Sarkar, who’s been growing carnivorous plants for three years. “I’ve watched in fascination and fright as they’ve devoured flies and spiders too,” she says.
The world’s acquired a lot more gardeners in the pandemic. There’s talk of ficuses, monsteras and snake plants galore. But there’s a tribe of...

Good, bad and ugly: John le Carré’s keepers of the code

Alec Guinness as John le Carré’s most famous spy, George Smiley, in the BBC adaptation of the novels.
While the moral ambiguity provided by John le Carré’s narratives elevated his spy novels from genre fiction to literary fiction, the nuts and bolts...

Couch surfing: As therapists turn influencers, here’s what to watch out for

In a country with 0.29 psychiatrists per 100,000 people — against a recommended 3 per 100,000 — according to 2017 World Health Organization data, online access to counselling can be a vital tool.
There’s an unlikely new group of influencers on social media — therapists, counsellors and psychiatrists. With followings in the tens of thousands on Instagram...

Balancing act: How mommies are restoring order in the pandemic

Nirmala Rathi with daughter Khanikaa, 6. Rathi says she and her family are happier since she began delegating, chores and childcare tasks while working from home in the pandemic.
It’s a carefully balanced chessboard in the best of times — school, work, play-dates, errand runs, school pick-ups, carpools to extra-curriculars. The hours that...